Home owners are waxing nostalgic over clawfoot bathtubs. Surface Renew Clawfoot Tub & Tile Refinishing

Maybe your home has an existing clawfoot tub that looks a bit weathered and worn? Are you the kind of home owner that loves to reuse and recycle, you’ve found the perfect clawfoot to bring into your home…but the finish looks like it has seen better days?

Modern fixtures seem to become ‘outdated’ faster than something with a little style. That explains the return of the clawfoot bath tub appeal when bathrooms are being renovated. This spacious and nostalgic tub can add charm, appeal and sense of luxury in a wide variety of bathroom interiors.

Updating your bathroom with a free standing clawfoot tub is easy- One call to Surface Renew starts it all.

Traditional clawfoots of yesteryear were often white in color. Made of cast iron with porcelain or ceramic interiors and exteriors. The most traditional look that people are familiar with is the classic white inside and out. You can make a stunning statement in your bathroom with a refurbished clawfoot tub that shows your personality with the use of color.

When you contact us to repair or refurbish your clawfoot tub, be sure to inquire about the color options now desired and available to you for the outside look of your tub.