This Arkansas Tile Refinishing Contractor has Values

How would you know if you just found the Best Tile Refinishing Contractor for you?

See if you agree with these 6 Personal Traits about Bob Kennedy, Tile Refinishing Contractor and owner of Surface Renew in Maumelle, AR.

Ryan Schatz with Bob Kennedy of Surface Renew in Arkansas

Ryan Schatz with Tile Refinishing Contractor Bob Kennedy of Surface Renew in Arkansas

1) Family Values

Bob Kennedy, the owner and founder of Surface Renew, built his business in a way that his Grandmother would be proud of. Because Bob cares deeply for his family and for his friends whom he considers extended family.

2) Loves His Country

Did you know that Bob is a US Army veteran? So Bob believes in and strives to adhere to the high moral code of conduct the USA Army instilled in him. That is, to always do what’s right, legally and morally with full integrity. Do and say nothing that deceives others. He believes that as one’s integrity grows, so does the trust others place in you.

The more choices you make based on integrity, the more this highly prized value will have a positive affect on relationships with family, friends, and his customers. So this is how he serves his family, his business clients and ultimately his country.

3) Honest Contractor

I’ll bet you have felt offended by the lies of other tile refinishing contractors. So have we. Because there are a lot of shady characters out there trying to dupe customers out of their hard earned money. Sadly the tub and tile refinishing industry has a few shady contractors too. And they make a good reputable tub refinishing contractor hard to find. If you are reading this right now and nodding your head “yes” then that means you are looking for someone who is honest and of value.

In contrast I’ll bet you are looking forward to finding a local contractor who has your best interests at heart. Someone who has a strong desire to do their very best for you, isn’t that right?

What if I told you that Bob does very little advertising? It’s true. He doesn’t need to. Many of his new clients come from word of mouth recommendations. His very best new clients are friends and neighbors of people he’s done refinishing services for in the past. So he makes sure that his clients are always 100% satisfied to the very best of his abilities. That’s why his clients are more than happy to refer him and his company to their friends, neighbors and loved ones. You wouldn’t refer a shady dishonest contractor to your loved ones, would you?

4) Home is Where the Heart Is

Imagine the sense of joy and pure elation as you set your gaze upon your newly refinished surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom. Seeing how great everything looks you pick up the feeling of the newness of everything; clean and fresh. Hearing your family and guests rave about how great your new renovations are.

Your home is important to you, so that means it’s important to us too. Whether you live in Little Rock or anywhere in our large service area, (see list of all areas we serve) Surface Renew is happy to perform all the professional tile refinishing services that you need, easily and effortlessly. (Well, easy for you, that is. We work hard for you with lots of effort!)

5) Fast Service (within the scope of reason)

Can you recall a horror story about a contractor who started on a job, tore it all apart, and then disappeared with all the money never to be heard from again? Leaving the poor customer in a lurch and stressed to the hilt about what to do next? It’s a sad fact that happens to people who do not properly research and vet a contractor before inviting them into their home AND then paying them astoundingly large sums of money upfront. Has that ever happened to you or someone you know?

The difference between Surface Renew and certain other refinishing services is that we are independently owned and operated and won’t send a sub-contractor to your home. Customers get the owner of the company or a crew of technicians personally trained and managed by Bob Kennedy himself. Bob is involved (either on-site or remotely) with each and every project, and will follow things through every step of the way from pre-planning to the final completion walk through.

Thanks to his wealth of experience in tile refinishing, Bob and his team will complete the job in a reasonable timely fashion, usually in 4 hours or less for a tub or sink refinish. And they will do it with minimal disruption to your daily life. Bob and his faithful crew are in this business for the long haul. Google his company name: Surface Renew. Read about the A+ Rating on BBB. Read testimonials and watch video reviews of clients who are thrilled with his services.

He’s a real guy with many great reviews who’s in this business more for the relationships he builds with the fine people in his community rather than a quick Buck-N-Dash like other less than reputable contractors.

6) Happiness

When you call Surface Renew you will feel so good knowing you did all your diligent research and came to the right informed decision. All because you waded through the murky waters of all the dizzying choices of tub and tile refinishing contractors down to the best clear choice for you.

Our refinishing projects are wonderfully complete with high quality products perfectly done by Bob himself or by his team of professional tile refinishing contractors.

Surface Renew in Maumelle, AR – Specialty Kitchen and Bath Tile Refinishing Contractor

Don’t call Surface Renew if you want the cheapest option in town. Because there’s a big difference between “cheap” and “quality”. Our prices reflect the high value we provide. We price our service fairly, not the highest in town, but certainly not the lowest either. And don’t call us until you’re ready for an honest contractor. One who will care about your family as if they are his own. One who is honest and trustworthy to the core of his being. A contractor that will do what he says he will do, and then get it done right the first time.

There are so many ways you’ll love your newly refinished surfaces after Surface Renew is done making them perfect for you. We serve central and northwest Arkansas and southwestern Kentucky. See an expanded list of all the areas we serve. Call or click here to get a FREE quote on services.


Company: Surface Renew, Inc.
Arkansas Central Office: 501-920-9326
Arkansas Northwest Office: 479-226-0703

Email: bob@surface-renew.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SurfaceRenewAR