Are you a homeowner interested in updating your bathtub, wall tile, or shower? Are you curious about what it is in bathtub paint Little Rock? The DIY kits are available at many local retail stores, such as Sherwin Williams, Home Depot. And Lowe’s, it seems like a quick and easy solution to fix in the problem of your ugly, ugly tub. But what exactly is it you are putting on? Bathtub paint little rock is usually in an epoxy in these kits. Sometimes it’s a two-part epoxy. Other times. It is just a one part of epoxy that is ready to use out of the can, some of the pitfalls that we’ve seen for DIY wires, trying to refinish their own bathtub is not following all the steps that are necessary on the bathtub paint kits in order to get them to adhere properly and be long lasting. One of the most common issues we see is simply not using an acid etch to prepare the porcelain or ceramic surface to accept the bathtub paint little rock. A second issue we see is even if some type of acid cleaner is used not taking the time to take a pretty coarse wet, dry sandpaper and get rid of any of the acid residue, that results from the acid wash of the bathtub. The problem here, if this is not done is that now your coating sticks to the dust that has dried onto your tub and over time, this flakes loose.

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And so does your bath tub paint little rock. One of the other issues we commonly run into is a homeowner who has just brushed on the coating far too thick. This is easy to do as the coating, particularly the one-part coatings are pretty thick and are almost always brushed on. There are a few kits out there that are made to be sprayed, but the majority of what we see is kits that are meant to be self-leveling and put on with a paintbrush.
So how does our bathtub refinishing differ? Well, for starters, we use an entirely different type of coating to refinish your bathtub than bathtub paint Little Rock. Our coatings is manufactured from the raw material by a company in Florida that specializes in bathtub refinishing coatings. There are two different coatings that we put on the tub.
First is an aerospace epoxy primer. And this is what really makes the coatings stick to the properly prepared tub. Now, the epoxy, like the kits DIY kits, we talked about they are great bonding agents, but they do not hold up really well to light and even too much water exposure. So, they tend to yellow over time. To prevent this, we use a modified acrylic urethane as the topcoat that we put on top of the epoxy. This is the white shiny finish that you see when you refinish a bathtub. A key step that we always perform on a ceramic or a porcelain surface is that we thoroughly acid clean the surface. This is important because it not only cleans the surface well so that the coatings are not trying to stick to dirt and grease. It also etches the surface, which at a microscopic level, roughs the surface up and gives more surface area for the chemical side lanes that are in the epoxy primer to bond to the bathtub itself.
When Surface Renew comes in and refinishes your bathtub, you have a refinished bathtub that has both a mechanical and chemical bond to the original surface. This is why we are able to offer a three-year warranty and have tubs that last beyond 15 years with normal everyday use. Some of the other services we have to offer in the bathroom is bathroom sink resurfacing, bathroom wall tile refinishing, and bathroom vanity refinishing. On many of these surfaces, you are not restricted just to that bright white finish like we do on most bathtubs. We also have some great stone look finishes to add some color and character to your bathroom in the kitchen. We are able to refinish kitchen countertops as well in a stone finish to get you a modern look instead of the old either butcher block or the yellow and green laminate countertops from the seventies and eighties. We also have flooring solutions for you. We have polished concrete and we are able to restore and maintain any natural stolen flooring surface. If you’d like more information or have any questions about bath tub paint little rock, call us at (501) 920-9326.