This morning, I’d like to talk about bathtub refinishing Little Rock. Surface Renew, Inc. has an amazing process to save you both time and money on your next home remodel project. Instead of tearing out your tub and all the waste of time and money, we offer a bathtub reglazing process that can save you 70 to 90% over replacement. When it comes to bathtub refinishing Little Rock, some of our questions that we get from customers are “how are you saving me 70% over a placement when I can buy a basic bathtub at Lowe’s or home Depot for $175?” Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. When you buy a tub for $175 at home Depot, you are buying that tub off of the shelf. In other words, you have to take that tub home, remove your old tub, and put that new tub in place. And there’s a lot of costs in that in both time and money that bathtub reglazing can save.

You let’s start with just the demolition and removal. If you’re in an older home, you probably have a very sturdy cast iron tub, which are great tubs by the way, and a shame to replace with the cheap one. But let’s say you decided to go that route and you need to tear that cast iron tub out. Tearing the cast iron tub out is not a very easy proposition. Typically it’s done with a sledgehammer and breaking the tub into little pieces so that it can be pulled out of the wall and thrown away during this process, you have to take great care, not to damage any of the plumbing. We’ll talk about the plumbing costs in just a minute, but the plumbing will have to be removed from the tub as well. And it would be best to do that, if you have an access panel or can go under the tub beforehand to go ahead and remove the plumbing from the tub so it doesn’t accidentally get pulled and damage the plumbing while you’re taking out the tub. Bathtub reglazing is sounding like a better option about now, isn’t it? Try to Google search for Bathtub Reglazing Near Me!

And that leads me to the second significant cost that you have when replacing a bathtub. And that is the cost of bringing a tradesman like a plumber in to re hook the tub up. It can cost anywhere from 300 to $700 to have a plumber come in, depending on how effectively you remove that tub. And assuming that you didn’t do any damage to the existing plumbing while pulling it out. This gets really complicated in older homes where they had the metal and iron type waste lines back in the turn of the century, and even the thirties, forties and fifties before PVC became the material that used for plumbing in the homes. A lot of these old pipes have corrosion and have weakened over time. Even if you take great care when removing the plumbing, you still may need to tear into a ceiling or a wall to replace part of the plumbing that is no longer a functional, and that can add even more costs to your bath renovation.

Bathtub Refinishing Little Rock | The Hidden Costs of Tub Replacement

And finally, on a new tub, if you look at one, you’ll see that on the edges, it has a slight L shape to it. And this is the keep water when you’re showering or bathing and splash to let water get back behind the tile or whatever kind of surround you have and leak back down onto the floor and ruin your sub floor. The tile goes right over the top of this. So it’s not something you see unless you see a brand new tub or a, when you go to tear it out and you remove some of the tiles that you can get your tub out. And that is the final significant cost of a tub replacement is that you will need a tile installer to come back and re-install any of the wall tile that you needed to remove in order to get the tub out.

And there is a possibility that depending on what kind of floor you have, you may end up replacing the flooring or some floor tile that gets damaged as part of the removal process as well. So altogether the replacement of a bath tub versus a bathtub glazing can run anywhere. If you’re fortunate about $1,500, or if there’s complications 2,500 to $3,000. And again, that’s just to put that new tub in place and put up some replacement tiles along the wall where you had to replace it, which is another hidden cost. If you’re in an older home, those colored tiles will no longer be available. Colored tiles, even new ones today vary from lot to lot. If you ever have a tile installer come in one thing they’ll look for if you purchase the tiles is to make sure that all of your boxes are from the same lot, because there’s that much variance in color from lot to lot that your tiles will look a different color. If you select a different lots, even for what is a, exactly the same bone or biscuit or whatever color you’ve chosen for your project.

Now, bathtub refinishing Little Rock can save you a lot of this time and hassle by making one call to us and through a few questions and maybe the exchange of a picture or two, we can get a price for you on how much it would cost to refinish your tub. So if we were to come in and refinish your tub for $395, which is kind of our typical price, and instead of paying $2,000 for a replacement, once you add in the cost of the tub, the cost of the demolition and removal, the plumber’s cost in the tile installer. If they’ve done a good job and you’ve gotten some great prices and you’ve got $2,000, we’ve just saved you 80% over replacement cost in this simple example. And sometimes the savings are even greater than that, because like I said up, the plumbing damage and things have happened in the floor behind the wall that you don’t see until you take that bathtub out. In addition to a bathtub refinishing Little Rock, Surface Renew, Inc. can also do countertop resurfacing, bathroom, vanity refinishing, and sink reglazing. We also offer shower refinishing and resurfacing solutions, as well as part of our process or as a standalone service. We can also do cracked bathtub repair and bathtub chip repair. This gets rid of leaking problems and the unsightly look of a chunk of your tub missing resulting in a big black spot on a white tub. For example, another great thing about doing these kinds of repairs to on older tubs is that there was lead used in the old cast iron tubs and led can leach into the water on any areas where there’s a black surface exposed, where the porcelain has wore down in the iron is actually showing through on the tub to save yourself time and money. Call Surface Renew for bathtub refinishing Little Rock today at 501-920-9326.