When your bathtub starts to look a little worse for wear, it can be tempting to replace it altogether. However, did you know that there are bathtub refinishing options that can restore your tub to like-new condition without all the hassle and expense of replacement? In this blog post, we will discuss the 5 most important reasons why you should refinish your bathtub instead of replacing it! 

Reason #1: You won’t have to deal with any removals or tiling! 

One of the main reasons people decide to replace their bathtubs is because they are in bad condition and need to be removed before a new tub can be installed. However, with bathtub refinishing, this is not the case! In most cases, we can restore your bathtub without any demolition or tile replacement necessary- which means no messes for you to clean up afterwards! 

Reason #2: Installing this project will cost much less than installing a new one

Installing a new bathtub can be a very costly endeavor, especially if professional installation is required. However, refinishing your bathtub costs a fraction of the price and can often be completed in just one day! So why not give your bathtub a fresh look without breaking the bank?  

Another common issue that arises during bathtub replacement is the need for changes to the home’s plumbing system. However, because refinishing does not involve any demolition or replacement of pipes, this is never an issue! So if you’re worried about disrupting your home’s infrastructure, then refinishing may be the best option for you. This alone can save you $1000s!! 

Reason #3: There’s no messes left behind! 

One of the main problems people face when they replace their bathtubs is dealing with all the demolition and tile replacement that is necessary. Not only is this process messy and inconvenient, but it can also take weeks or even months to complete! With bathtub refinishing, on the other hand, there is hardly any mess involved at all. In most cases, we can restore your bathtub in just a few hours without causing any disruption to your home life! 

When you replace your bathtub, you can often expect to wait several weeks or even months before it is fully installed and ready to use. However, with bathtub refinishing, you will be able to use your newly restored tub just 24 hours after completion! So if you’re in need of a quick and easy renovation solution, then refinishing may be the best option for you.  

Reason #4: It will save money in the long run since refinishing isn’t as costly compared to replacement! 

As we mentioned earlier, installing a new bathtub can be a very expensive proposition. However, bathtub refinishing is a much more cost-effective option and can often be completed for less than $500. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to give your bathtub a fresh look, refinishing is definitely the way to go 


Reason #5: Most refinishing projects can be completed in ONE DAY! 

Unlike bathtub replacement, which can take weeks or even months to complete, bathtub refinishing can often be finished in just one day. This means that you won’t have to go without a bath for very long and you’ll be able to enjoy your new tub right away! 

How can Bathtub Refinishing Tulsa Help You? 

  • bathtub refinishing: Bathtub refinishing is the process of restoring a bathtub to its original condition without having to replace it. The process can be done in as little as a day, and it’s a great way to update your bathroom on a budget. 
  • tub reglazing: Looking to refinish your old bathtub without the hassle and expense of replacement? Reglazing is a great option! Our professional grade process will restore your tub to like-new condition in just a few hours, and for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Give your bathroom a fresh look with bathtub reglazing from our team! 
  • bathtub restoration: Bathtub restoration is the perfect way to restore your bathtub to its original condition. Our process is fast, efficient, and affordable, and we use only the highest quality materials and products. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our work. 
  • bathtub resurfacing: Bathtub resurfacing is a process that restores the surface of your bathtub to its original condition. It can be done in as little as a few hours, and it’s an affordable alternative to replacing your entire bathtub. 
  • bathtub repair: Bathtubs are often a focal point in a bathroom, and when they start to show their age with chips and cracks, it can really bring the whole room down. But don’t worry, our cracked bathtub repair service can have your tub looking good as new in no time! We can fix cracks in acrylic and fiberglass tubs, as well as chips and discoloration. So if your bathtub is starting to look like a disaster zone, give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you. 
  • bath remodeling: Looking to update your tired old bathtub without breaking the bank? Tub refinishing and countertop resurfacing can be used as part of a complete bathroom remodel to save you time and money on the big ticket items in bath renovation such as the bathtub, shower stall, bathroom wall tile, and vanities. Our team of experts can help you choose the right products for your needs and give your bathroom a fresh new look in just a few short hours. 
  • countertop resurfacing: Looking to update your kitchen or bathroom on a budget? Countertop resurfacing is the perfect solution! Our finishes give your countertops a stone look, for a modern and polished appearance. Best of all, it’s an affordable option that can be completed in as little as one day. Give your home a quick and easy facelift with countertop resurfacing from Surface Renew 

We know that bathtubs are one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make in your life. That’s why our team works hard every day to offer affordable options like refinishing tubs so they last longer and look better than ever! To learn more about what we have going on here, visit us online today or give one call for all these answers now – it will be worth every second spent learning how great things can get when dealing with Surface Renew, Inc.