How can the simple phrase, “bathtub reglazing near me” save you up to 70% over replacement? That’s a question I’d like to answer today. When we discuss how bathtub refinishing Little Rock can save you time and money; In fact, as much as 70% over replacement and a one-day remodel process, as opposed to weeks, often times our customers will call us and make the comment: Well, I can buy a bathtub for $175 or $200 or whatever amount you want to insert in there. And while that’s true, there are many other costs to replacing a bathtub. It’s not as simple as when you buy a car where you can sell your car for $5,000, you drive it onto a car lot and drive away with your new car. With a bathtub it’s built into your house.

So, one of the first things you have to do is demolition and removal of your existing bathtub. This can cost a wide range from do it yourself and several hours of your own time to hiring somebody probably for 150 to $250, depending on your type of tub to come in and break your tub apart and disconnect it from the plumbing and remove it from the house. Then you’ve also got the disposal issues of your waste that you’re pulling up from the tub. Then since you removed the plumbing, they disconnected the plumbing, the next expense you’ll have is, once you shut the new tub in place, all that plumbing has got to be reconnected once again. I don’t know if you’ve called any plumbers lately to do some work around the house, but plumbers are getting more and more expensive as people do more and more home remodel projects and inflation kicks in. A plumber can cost you anywhere from 300 to 600 or even $700, to come in and reconnect your tub. Oftentimes it just, it’s not as simple as just reconnecting your tub either. The removal process ends up many times damaging lines when the tub is taken out or the plumbing is just old and needed replacement. Anyhow, it was just still functioning, so it didn’t become apparent until you tore that tub out and got down to the old plumbing. I’m talking, particularly in these older houses from the turn of the century, even up into the 1940s and fifties, where there was a lot of iron pipes used as opposed to today’s PVC pipes. That search for “Bathtub Reglazing Near Me” is sounding better and better isn’t it?

And in order to get that bathtub out you also are going to have to take out at least a row of tile and possibly some flooring. So one of the final expenses you have once you’ve paid somebody to tear the tub out and clean up, you’ve brought a plumber back in to hook it back up. You’re going to need a tile installer or some ability to install tile yourself and several hours to replace the tile that had to be taken up in order to get the tub out. Bathtubs have a small lip on them that is meant to prevent water from getting back behind the tub and onto the floor and the tile goes over the top of this lip. You don’t see it when the tub is in place, but if you ever see a bath tub in the store, you’ll notice that they are not flat on the top. There’s actually a in L shape on the ends to make sure that it catches any water.

Bathtub Reglazing Near Me | What’s it all about?

So, a tile installer will have to come in re-install those, you know, one, two or three rolls of tile, whatever came off as you tore the tub out and this creates some new challenges. In older homes the colors of tile aren’t available today. So now you have the challenge of different colored tiles, which is not always aesthetically pleasing to somebody, so that’s a whole other cost, that, you know, needs to be factored in. The fact that your bathtub and your bathroom is not going to look as good as it did before, unless you completely tear all of that tile out and have a complete surround re-installed. And then you’re talking upwards of a thousand to $1,500 as long as there’s no complications. So you can easily see where refinishing a tub for $395 can save you from a potentially 1500 to 2000 or $2,500 plus repair bill on replacing your tub. A search for us on Google for “Bathtub Reglazing Near Me” makes this so much easier!

And that cost goes up even higher. If you’re talking about a cast iron tub. A cast iron tub, looking out on the Lowe’s website, a cast iron tub runs $700 to 1250 right now for the tub. And of course that’s off the shelf in the store. So you’ve got to get it to your house and still go through the demolition process and the plumber and the tile installer, you know, all the cleanup, uh, that goes along with that. So that can add even more to it because many times in these older homes, when somebody calls us to do a bathtub refinishing, they have a great fully functional cast iron tub. It’s just been chipped up over the years, or it might be pink or blue, and somebody doesn’t want that color. Um, so to get the same quality of tub that you would have, uh, your savings can run up around 90% when you start talking about trying to replace the same type of quality of tub back in your house again.

So do a quick search on Bathtub Reglazing near me on Google and Surface Renew will surely pop up as one of your top options. We are highly rated on Google; as of the time of this writing 258 reviews with 4.9 average rating. We offer a great warranty and fully guarantee our services. So, give us a call. We can run through some very simple questions with you and get a bathtub refinishing quote to you in a matter of minutes, once again, that’s “bathtub reglazing near me” on Google and you’ll get you some great options. And it’ll also give you the numbers of some of our competitors that you can compare our processes and prices, and you really need to do both because some people take shortcuts and omit some steps or use a less than high quality of coating to do their bathtub reglazing. In addition to having bathtub refinishing, we also can do shower resurfacing, countertop refinishing, bath vanity reglazing, and bathroom sink refinishing. We also have an entire separate line that covers polished concrete floor! We can do a polished stained concrete, and also do maintenance and restoration on natural stone surfaces, such as terrazzo floors, travertine floors, or marble. Give us a call at (501) 920-9326 to find out how we can save you both time and money in your home restoration and renovation process.