I wanted to talk about how just one simple search on Google for the phrase, bathtub reglazing near me, can save you time and money. A common question we get, which is a fair question from customers, is how are you possibly saving me time and money when you charge $400 for a bathtub refinishing Little Rock and I can buy a brand new one for $175. The answer on the time side is maybe a little easier than the money side. So let’s tackle that first. We need you to do a search for bathtub reglazing near me and you give Surface Renew, Inc. a call at (501) 920-9326. We get you a quote typically right over the phone. In a matter of minutes, we get your tub scheduled. And usually within a week to two weeks, we come out and complete the job in one day.

Now let’s compare that to replacing your bathtub!  You are going to have to make a trip out to Lowe’s or Home Depot to see what type of tub you want and to pick out a color.  You’ll quickly find out that replacing the bathtub has a few complexities that aren’t extremely difficult to figure out, but nonetheless, very important. The side that your tub drains on is critically important. If you have a left hand side or left side drain, you have to get a tub that’ll be facing drain will be facing in that direction so you can hook it up to your existing plumbing. And you’ll see when you’re out there that tub prices can run. As I mentioned for a basic tub, about $175, you can usually get an economy tub at Lowe’s or Home Depot, but if you’re wanting to get a quality tub, that’s going to last, you you’ll want a cast iron tub, which is going to run you a base one $700 on up to $1,250 is what they have for like a premium Kohler tub on the Lowe’s and Home Depot websites as I write this today.  Once you pick the tub out, now you also have to get it back home. As I mentioned to do the bath tub refinishing Little Rock all you had to do was make one call and we came and did everything!  Right now, you’re standing in Lowe’s or home Depot with a big old, heavy tub, and have to figure out how to get it back to your house. So maybe make a call and find a guy who for 50 bucks or 75 bucks or a hundred bucks, he’ll pick it up at Lowe’s or home Depot before you can bring it to your house. 

Now, the next day you make a couple calls and you try to find yourself somebody who can come in and remove your tub now because putting the new tub in place can’t happen until you have that space, repaired and ready for your new tub to be put in place. And of course, you’re the kind of person that does some good planning, so you made sure that it’s the exact size tub, and you don’t have any complications or modifications to make to that space by buying a different size tub.  A person come in and break apart your tub, haul off all the debris and disconnect your existing plumbing for you, probably for about 150, $200, maybe 300. If it’s a cast iron tub and the, and the work is very difficult. So mental have that place all prepped for you and ready for the plumber to come and hook up your new tub. 

So you have to call a plumber now and get on a schedule for a plumber. And for any of you that have had to do that lately, you know, that is not very easy. Plumbers are very busy and there’s just not enough of them right now. So the price is pretty high to have a plumber come out. You’re probably looking at 500, $750 to have a plumber come out, uncrate your new bathtub, put it into place, make sure that it’s level and that it’s going to drain properly and then re hook all the existing plumbing up to the bathtub. They’ll also be able to check and make sure that your plumbing has not been damaged in the removal process or that there was possibly existing damage that you couldn’t see until you have to have the bathtub removed. Those kinds of things will cost a little extra money if they have to update your plumbing in order to get it so that you won’t have this new bathtub installed. And then all of a sudden your plumbing starts leaking and causing problems. 

Bathtub Reglazing Near Me | A Better Option With Us

Once the plumber leaves you’ll quickly discover that the only way to get that tub in there was to remove at least one, probably two rows of tile from around your tub. So now you have to call a tile installer to come to a relatively small job for you. And I can tell you from experience tile guys, don’t like to come do small inexpensive jobs. So you’re not going to find very many tile guys willing to come out to do a two or three or $400 jobs for you to re-install those tiles. What most tile installers are going to want to do is come out, remove your existing shower, surround and put up a new one for you. So this cost is going to be on the low side, where you can find somebody who actually is willing to come on and do a small job for say three to $400 on up to 1500 to 2000. If you’re going to have somebody come in and tear things out and build you a new surround. 

So that’s several different contractors you’ve had to deal with. And now several days more than likely weeks have passed before you’re able to use your tub again.  We talked a little bit about some of the expenses as we went along. Once you add up all those costs of replacing a tub, you can see how that simple search for bathtub reglazing near me on Google that helped you find us at Surface Renew, Inc. can save you not only all of that time, but a lot of money. If you add up all those expenses, you’re probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500 to 2000 to $2,500 for that tub replacement. If Surface Renew, Inc. came in and did that bathtub refinishing Little Rock for $395, let’s just call it 400 to make it easy math. And let’s take the middle example of the expense of 2000: 

$1,600 in savings divided by $2,000 of replacement for a savings of 80% over replacing your bathtub.  Bathtub refinishing Little Rock is a great alternative to save you time and money over the hassle and frustration of tearing out a perfectly good tub and replacing it with either a subpar tub or spending even more money to get that same high quality cast iron tub in your home that you have right now. Oftentimes what we see when customers talk to us about bathtub refinishing Little Rock is that they have a great fully functional bathtub. It’s just doesn’t look so great anymore because it’s been dinged up and chipped and scratched over the years. Maybe it has a few stains on it as well. All of those issues are fixed with bathtub refinishing Little Rock and all of that in one day, instead of a weeks long process dealing with three, four, or maybe even five different subcontractors, all hauling their tools and mess through your house during the process, give us a call at Surface Renew, Inc. at (501) 920-9326. And see how that simple phrase “bathtub reglazing near me” can save you thousands on your home remodel.