Are you looking for the best restoration and resurfacing company in Arkansas area? Then look no further. Concrete staining Little Rock offers you and your family or business the peace of mind that you will need to make the correct decision and resurfacing your existing products rather than going through the expense and hassle of an entire remodel. We are a company that prides ourselves and our customer service and our reputation as we service the central and northwest Arkansas areas with our expert technicians and service.

So why should we finish instead of getting a new product? Concrete staining Little Rock offers a chance to save over 90% over replacement parts when you use us. If you are looking for a refinishing of your bathtub and existing tile inside of your home, we offer a multitude of colors for you to choose from. Most of our jobs also take only one day in order to remodel your bathtub or surface style. This will allow you to get back to the things that matter in your life will not having to have a myriad of technicians coming in and out of your home. We can repair many scratches, chips, cracks, knicks, or stains in your porcelain, fiberglass, metal, and cultured stone.

Concrete staining Little Rock is the place to go for your needs. Surface Renew not only offers all of our services for inside of your home, but we also offers our services for the outside of your home as well. We can polish the concrete either in your garage or around your patio so that you can be confident that you are reducing dust and enhancing the life of your concrete. Many of our polishing and finishing products will enhance the life of your concrete by over 10 years which will give you the peace of mind that you can save money for the more important things in life rather than having to replace your concrete as it deteriorates over time.

Not only will polishing help with your concrete but we also offer a variety of staining and color options for every counter, concrete, or tile and tub that we service. We don’t know what’s going on inside of your home, but many people are looking to change things up or to start a new project that will help with their design needs. If that is you, and you are looking for a fresh start, feel free to call Surface Renew for your design needs. You will not be disappointed with the services that we offer and the variety we provide for you.

In the greater Arkansas area, there is no better company to call than Surface Renew. We have a nearly unlimited variety of designs and colors to choose from for your needs, as well as customer service that is world-class. We have been in business since 2004, offer a three-year warranty on all of our services, and we are veteran owned and operated. We would not be here without the support and help from our customers, which is why we pride ourselves in making sure that our customers are completely happy and satisfied with every project that we provide. Please calls 501-920-9326 or visit surface-renew.com now.

Concrete Staining Little Rock

Concrete staining Little Rock is the number one place for you to get your redesign and refurbishing needs. Why should you choose Surface Renew to help you with your project in your home? Well, in the greater Arkansas area, there is no better company to help you along your quest of fulfilling your dreams while also saving money. We have been in business since 2004 and offer a variety of options for you to choose from which will help you make decisions that will allow you to be happy and satisfied for years to come.

For many of our indoor products, concrete staining Little Rock offer tile and tub refinishing which will allow you to save money instead of going over a coffee replacement. Typically many of our customers save over 90% of replacement. We can repair many of your scratches, chips, Knicks, and cracks in your existing porcelain, fiberglass, metal, or cultured marble in your home. If you want to save money and also retain the existing products that you have in your home, please call 501-920-9326 today so we can go through the options with you

Along with the tub and tile refinishing that concrete staining Little Rock can offer, we also will be able to help you with your countertops so that you can save money and retain the look that you are accustomed to. However, if you’re looking to change your color or redesign your existing kitchen or bath countertops, we offer a variety of colors and finishes to choose from that will help you redesign your home to meet your new needs for the family. By offering our services, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with many of the products that you choose from us. Additionally there will be no terror or demolition for this service and most of our jobs are completed within one day.

Not only does Surface Renew offer our services for the inside of your home, but we also offer our services for the outside of your home as well. If you have any concrete existing inside of your garage or outer patio area, we offer concrete polishing that will help you maintain the look and design of your concrete for years to come typically, by polishing your concrete, this will allow your concrete last 10 times longer than the just the concrete alone. This will save you money in the long run and allow you to enjoy your hard earned leisure time with your family. Polishing the concrete also reduces dust and allergies for your families and friends.

So many people ask why should you choose Surface Renew? Will to us, the answer is simple. We offer the highest customer service and quality in the greater Arkansas area. We are the highest rated refinishing refurbishing and polishing company in the state and have been in business since 2004. All of our services come with a three-year warranty and we are veteran owned and operated. Again, we would not be here without the reviews from our customers as we consider them our greatest asset in making your dreams come true. Please call 501-920-9326 or visit surface-renew.com today.