Hi, this is Bob with Surface Renew, Inc in Little Rock Arkansas. And today we are going to talk about granite countertop cleaning Little Rock. Now you might ask yourself, why should I have to clean my granite countertops? After all the reason I put them in was that they’re supposed to be long lasting. Well, one of the biggest reasons that you should clean your granite countertops is the fact that a granite is a natural stone. And because of that, it is porous, which means it has lots of tiny and sometimes not so tiny holes in the surface. The problem we have with that is that things like meat juices or anything like rotted or bad vegetables, anything that could have germs in it, basically can seep down into those pores and stay there and grow all kinds of nasty things that you don’t want in your kitchen. So one of the top reasons we have for granite countertop cleaning Little Rock is just to make sure that your kitchen countertops are sanitary.

Now we about, you know, one of the big reasons that people got the granite countertops to begin with and are wondering why in the world do I need my granite countertop cleaning Little Rock is that they’re supposed to be so durable. And they are. Granite is one of the hardest stones known to man and different variety as it have different hardnesses, but no matter what kind of granite you got, you are going to have a solid, solid kitchen countertop, but not just the durability is what people are looking for when it comes to granite countertops. It’s also a unique look. There is no way to replicate the look of natural stone and each granite has such a unique look that it gives you that character in your house that you’re looking for.

Clean Granite Kitchen Countertops

And along with that character comes a beauty that again, that you can’t replicate and copy. So people are drawn to granite countertops. Now, one of the offshoots of this is that because this is so unique and so beautiful. Another advantage of granite countertops is that it actually increases your property value. Right now, granite countertops are highly desirable, desired, and in some cases almost a requirement in a house because people won’t even consider buying in certain neighborhoods unless they have granite countertops and granite bath vanities in their house. So granite countertops are also investment that can include, increase the property value of your home. When we come in and clean, what exactly do we do at Surface Renew, Inc for Granite kitchen countertop cleaning? Our first step is exactly that; to clean your countertop. We need cleaners that penetrate down into those pores and we’ll get out and kill any microbes and any bacteria that are living down there and can replicate and get onto your food in the future.

Creating an issue is mostly salmonella poisoning is probably one of the most common issues that you can have with a granite countertops. If they’re not properly cleaned. In fact, the restaurants are not even allowed to have granite countertops in their prep area. For that very reason, they are just too difficult to keep clean. Once we do a thorough cleaning of the granite countertop, the next thing we do is make repairs to any of the grout lines where the slabs are connected to one another and then also to reseal and repair the that is used usually along the sink and along the backsplash to make sure that no water can get back up behind there and do any damage to your walls or allow the growth of mold and mildew.

Polished and Glossy Granite Countertops

The final thing that we do in the most important for granite countertop cleaning Little Rock, I think in terms of sanitation is that we apply a penetrating sealer onto the stone, those pores, and those little microscopic holes that I was talking about where the microbes in the bacteria can get down into those need to be sealed. So that food particles and meat juices can’t continue to penetrate your granite kitchen countertops while you’re using them to prep food and make cookies, whatever is you do on your kitchen countertop. You want that to be a clean sanitary surface. So there’s new, no food sanitation issues when you’re making a dinner breakfast sandwiches in your kitchen. So that’s why the final step, and it’s important that it’s a penetrating sealer. We put a penetrating sealer on your countertop and that both protects and hardens. The surface makes it scratch resistance, which granted already is extremely scratch resistant, but this makes it even tougher. And as I said, it seals up those pores and prevents the penetration of food byproducts that could, could become a health hazard in your kitchen.

Surface Renew, Inc has been offering granite countertop cleaning Little Rock services for the last several years. Our company originally started in 2004. And so we’ve been in the bath and kitchen industry now for over 17 years we’re fully insured, licensed and bonded. All of our technicians are trained and we offer a complete customer satisfaction guarantee. One look at our Google reviews will tell you that we are the most reviewed and highest rated refinishing company that offers granite kitchen countertop cleaning in the Little Rock area, actually in the entire state of Arkansas. We also have some of the other things, things we have to offer. In addition to granite countertop cleaning Little Rock are bathtub and tile refinishing surfaces. This is another big cost saver for our customers. As this service can rejuvenate a bathtub or tile, even changing the color of it and save the homeowner 70 to 90% over replacement cost.

We do granite countertop cleaning Little Rock and also do polished concrete. This is a great service that again, can save our customers thousands of dollars, a polished concrete floor, or in a, the residential setting is virtually maintenance free. Once it’s done a dust cloth and a wet mop periodically to remove any stains or spills is all that’s required to keep up with a polished concrete floor. In an industrial setting restaurant or commercial setting, sometimes it’s recommended annual if not semi-annual maintenance on polished concrete floors to make sure that it’s thoroughly cleaned and that dirt and debris is not being ground down into the surface. And that the floor is what we call re densified, which is a tightening process, similar to what goes on with a penetrating sealer in a granite kitchen, countertop cleaning, where those little pores in the concrete we use identifier to create a chemical reaction in there and actually expands the crystals in the concrete and minimizes the amount of airspace in between the pieces that make up the concrete. We follow this with a sealer or a guard. And what that does is it’s not really a topical sealer, it’s a penetrating sealer again. But it’s meant to more stay closer to the surface rather than just completely disappeared into the concrete. And this helps eliminate the last it, many of those little pores or anything that our intensifier couldn’t expand and get rid of and the polishing process wasn’t able to completely seal off call us today at (501) 920-9326 for a free consultation on your granite kitchen countertop cleaning, or any of our services.