Limestone cleaning Little Rock is one of the services that Surface Renew offers as part of its Natural Stone Restoration and Maintenance Service Line. Limestone is a type of natural stone that is formed from sedimentary rocks it is actually formed at the bottom of the sea under great pressure which is how it obtains its durability yet porous nature. Limestone makes for a very durable flooring but does require regular cleaning.

The experts at surface renew can take care of your Limestone cleaning Little Rock and ensure that it is not only cleaned but properly sealed so that it holds up even in high traffic areas. One of the big advantages of limestone is its affordability when compared to other types of natural stone. It still cost slightly more than artificial materials but if you’re looking for a natural stone floor limestone can be one of your best bets. Another Plus for limestone is that it is looked upon as a more appealing and pleasant texture then an artificial surface the other great advantage of limestone is that it’s very versatile in terms of which settings that can be set in.

One disadvantage if you do have limestone is that it does require regular cleaning. This is critical to ensure that the stone itself is not damaged Beyond repair. At Surface Renew in higher traffic areas we recommend semi-annual service for Limestone cleaning. In a residential setting or lighter traffic type of businesses once a year usually is adequate to protect your Limestone floor. Call us at 501-920-9326 to speak to one of our flooring experts and find out how surface renew can do your lines Limestone cleaning in your home or business. Or if you prefer email us at sales info at surface – renew.com.

Surface renew offers a free no obligation assessment of any Limestone floor for your Limestone Cleaning Little Rock. Just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll set up one of our flooring experts to come by and assess your floor and give you a recommended maintenance plan based on your traffic and the current condition of your floor. When it comes to Limestone cleaning frequently we have to do an initial intensive clean which we call a restoration but regular ongoing maintenance is much cheaper once the floor is properly restored.

As with any type of natural flooring we can’t emphasize enough how important proper ceiling is! It is a beautiful stone with a soft and light earthy tone to it but to keep that great look does require regular Limestone cleaning and Sealing. Great care must be taken when cleaning me because the surface can easily be scratched. For example if you were to run a vacuum over some Limestone flooring and a hard object got caught impressed into the floor you may scratch it. Pushing dirt and debris across the floors can also scratch Limestone tiles as well. When you spent the kind of money on your floor to install Natural Stone leave its maintenance to The Experts.