Are you looking for Little Rock concrete staining that is second to none? Will look no further. Surface Renew is the best polishing, refinishing, and restoration company in the greater Arkansas area and has been since 2004. We offer all of our services with a three-year warranty and we stand by every product that we sell to our customers. Without you, our customers, we would not be we are today, so we pride ourselves and make sure that your satisfaction is our number one priority.

For inside the home, Little Rock concrete staining is a way for you to make sure that your dreams come true while restoring and refinishing the existing products that you feel are important to the ambience and style that you maintain in your home. Surface Renew can refinish your existing tub and the bathroom tile typically in one day and saves you over 90% of replacement parts. We can repair many scratches, chips, next, and cracks in your existing porcelain, far less, cultured marble, and or metal. If you like the way that your bathroom or tile is, but would like to have it look better, please give us a call so we can help with your refinishing needs.

Not only does Surface Renew offer our services for your refinishing in the bathtub and or tile, but your countertops can be saved as well. Little Rock concrete staining is more than a staining company, as we offer our customers the ability to update colors and finishes on all of their countertop needs. Again, this will save our customers over 90% as they choose to save their existing products while not having to go through costly and timely tear out or demo of their existing countertops and sinks. For all of our services we are offering a three-year warranty, which will give you peace of mind is forward.

Not only do we offer our services for inside the home, but Surface Renew will give you peace of mind outside the home as well. We offer polishing of your concrete which were reduced dust and allergies for your family and friends. By polishing your concrete this will allow you to maintain your concrete for at least 10 times longer than an existing product normally would without a polish. We have a nearly unlimited color and design flow to choose from, and we also offer our services in your home, office, or business. Whatever your needs are please give us a call.

If you are looking for the highest rated and highest quality company in the greater Arkansas area, please look no further than Surface Renew. By calling 501-920-9326 or visiting surface-renew.com, you can speak with one of our trained professionals and discussing your needs and your home or business. We can offer you color options, pricing structure, and timely needs when it comes to service so that you can have the peace of mind that you can use us for years to come. Rest assured, your satisfaction is our number one priority so we are dedicated to making sure that you are happy with the products and services that we provide and will use us for all of your refinishing and refurbishing needs in the future.

Little Rock Concrete Staining

Look no further if you are in the market for Little Rock concrete staining and needs for your home. Surface Renew offers a variety of services for you and your family to choose from as you are moving toward your dreams in or out of your home. We are the highest rated and most trusted refinishing company the greater Arkansas area for a reason. We dedicate ourselves to the best customer service and quality that the people of Arkansas have come to expect from their companies.

We offer many services outside the home as well as inside the home. Are you looking to polish your concrete floor in the garage? Are you looking to restore some marble stone that may be outside of your home? Look no further than Surface Renew. Little Rock concrete staining is more than just a company that can take out nicks and scratches, although we do that as well. By polishing the concrete in your garage and/or outside of your home, you will reduced dust and allergies and give your concrete the look that it needs to fit your dreams. This polishing will help your concrete last 10 times longer than initially expected and we have an unlimited color and design palette to choose from. We offer concrete polishing and home, office, or business settings so that you can rest assured options for years to come.

Also, Little Rock concrete staining can take care of your marble or stone restoration needs to. By restoring your outdoor marble or stone, you will provide longevity to your outdoor products while maintaining the natural beauty that you have come to expect when you first purchased the product or the home. By restoring your outdoor products, it will help with cleanliness and maintenance moving forward as well. We offer services for limestone, marble, travertine, ceramic tile and grout, and granite, among others. Feel free to check in if you are looking to update your outdoor products.

Inside of the home, Surface Renew will refinish your tub and tile in the bathroom which will save you over 90% of replacement parts when you choose us. If you’re looking to change colors, we have a myriad of designs as well. Many times, customers looking to repair minor scratches, chips, cracks, or nicks and don’t want to spend the amount of money it takes to purchase a new bathtub. This is not a problem for our company as that is what we do. We can fix those for you and save you over 90%. Many times we can get this done in one day or less which will allow you and your family get back to what you want to do most which is creating memories and spending time with the people that you love.

So why choose us? Again, we are the highest rated most quality assured restoration and refinishing company in the greater Arkansas area. We are veteran owned and operated and offer a three-year warranty on all of our products. If you’d like to choose us, we will make it worth your while and we will maintain the customer service and satisfaction that we have for years. Please visit surface-renew.com or call 501-920-9326 today