A big question we often get about polished concrete floors Hot Springs Is quite simply, is it worth it? And is it cost-effective as a long term flooring solutions? The short answer to that is that our process is extremely cost-effective! Our floors are one of the most durable long-lasting surfaces that you can have as a flooring product.

Some of the reasons for its cost effectiveness are the obvious ones.. that your concrete slab turns into your finished flooring product. Instead of bringing in carpet or tile, natural stone, or other flooring surfaces, the concrete slab becomes your finished floor with our diamond polished concrete Hot Springs process. This not only saves material costs, but also saves replacement costs down the road. For example, indoor outdoor carpet in the commercial setting has a life expectancy of about 10 years. That means every 10 years, you will not only have to buy new carpeting, but you’ll have to pay to tear out your old carpeting to replace it. It is also a material that requires a GREAT deal of maintenance to keep it looking presentable. Stains and spills are sometimes permanent and any damage such as tears often just has to be hidden by furniture or just lived with.

Polished concrete floors Hot Springs has a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years. This means that in those 40 to 50 years, you will only have to do occasional maintenance to clean up spills and to ensure that dirt and debris don’t work their way down into your concrete. For the home owner or business manager this is nothing more than sweeping up dirt and debris as needed and using a gentle detergent and wet mop occasionally. Depending upon the amount of foot traffic, one of our flooring experts will also recommend a professional maintenance plan. Typically this only applies to a commercial setting and our most common plan is for annual maintenance, sometimes twice a year in busier businesses. Our maintenance is designed to do a deep clean, repair minor scratches, and re-densify your floors to keep the surface “tight.” Compare that to the amount of times that you would have to have a carpet cleaning service come in to thoroughly clean, even an indoor outdoor commercial carpet. Another product to compare polished concrete floors Hot Springs to would be ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles have a much longer life expectancy than the indoor outdoor coverage that we discussed earlier. The drawback to tile again, is the frequency with which it must be maintained when compared to Surface Renew’s floors. Ceramic tiles have a grout product that is used in them to fill the space between the tiles. This grout is a very porous sand material and dirt, debris and spills and stains easily penetrate this grout and are difficult to get back out. This means that cleaning sealing and maintenance must be done quite frequently to keep ceramic tile floors looking professional and presentable.

Concrete Polishing in Hot Springs That You Can Rely On

Another pitfall with ceramic tile floors is the fact that if a tile is damaged or several tiles are damaged, it may be difficult if not impossible, to find replacement tiles so that your floor does not look patched. A third alternative that is frequently used in commercial settings is a VCT tile. This is probably the most economical material cost-wise of any of the flooring materials we’re looking at. The problem is it also has a relatively low life expectancy and an expensive material to maintain. VCT tiles must be waxed and stripped regularly in high traffic stores. This often can mean two and three times a week that the tiles have to be polished in order to keep them looking clean and shiny. Polished concrete floors Hot Springs even in heavy traffic only require maintenance about once or twice a year. Everyday cleaning and maintenance pand are enough to keep polished concrete looking great, even in high traffic businesses.

Another question we get is can my concrete be polished? Nearly any concrete surface can be polished. An important thing to understand about polished concrete floors Hot Springs is that concrete is not a uniform product; every job, and even each different room or part of concrete as is poured has different conditions and challenges that can change the appearance of a finished floor. Oftentimes the best way to get the maximum results on a polished concrete floor is to plan in advance when possible. When you’re pouring new floors, we can work with your contractor to design a special concrete mix in order to get the type of consistent and tight floor finish that you are looking for in polished concrete floors Hot Springs. This is true in retail and warehouse facilities as well, where you’re trying to Polish concrete floors to prevent efflorescence. And efflorescence is basically the giving off of concrete dust as heavy equipment and foot traffic go across your warehouse floors.

One other challenge in concrete flooring is when you’re trying to transition from a stretched carpet floor, which has tack strips embedded into the concrete in order to hold the tack strips. When these tack strips are removed, inevitably small pieces of concrete are going to come out with the tack strips. This leaves small holes, all along the walls or wherever the tack strips are placed. We have a couple of solutions for this in doing polished concrete floors Hot Springs. The first is to use a filler, usually composed of epoxy to fill these holes and get color that is somewhat close to the color of the concrete. The exact matching is not always possible in these situations for someone that wants a more finished look and doesn’t like the rustic look of the epoxy patches for the holes we recommend an epoxy border that is painted on once the polished concrete floors Hot Springs are complete. This can be done in colors that compliment a polished concrete stain that you apply on majority of the floor.

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