Let’s talk about polished concrete floors little rock versus other specific flooring options that are available in the home and office. First let’s look at polished concrete floors versus ceramic tiles. Both are great looking and are classic styles and available in many colors to compliment your decor. However, polished concrete floors are more durable than tile. They’re much easier to maintain and much more affordable. 

You get a nice seamless looking floor that’s uninterrupted by grout lines, which are difficult to maintain and keep clean. The one downside to the polished concrete versus tile is that tile is a reasonable DIY project, but concrete polished floors require special equipment and training. So, we recommend using a professional in order to properly polish a concrete floor. The small expense of using a professional for polished concrete floors is quickly saved over time in reduced maintenance and cleaning costs.  

Over the years, a polished concrete floor for versus hardwood floors is a similar type of comparison. Hardwood floors are great for the variety of colors and look that you can put into your home or office. You can have a rustic look or a very traditional clean look depending on what type of hardwood flooring you select.  Polished concrete also offers this great high-end look and has great color options, which can also compliment the decor of your home or office. The huge advantage that polished concrete floors have over your hardwood floors is that they are much easier to maintain are much more scratch resistant, and again, have a longer life cycle than your traditional hardwood flooring.  Both types of flooring can be restored and made to look like new again, the only problem with hardwood floors is if a piece of the wood has damaged or destroyed, it is nearly impossible to find an exact match of wood that will stain in the same shade and appearance of your existing floor. 

Polished Concrete Floors Little Rock | The Right Way To Go

Polished Concrete Floors Little Rock can be repaired and re polished to bring back their original shine and color. Very easily a comparison of another type of flooring, which people he’ll get confused upon because they sound so similar, but they are very different is a polished concrete floor versus a concrete overlay. A concrete overlay is exactly what the word describes. It is taking a thin polymerized concrete product and skimming it over your existing floor.  This can be made to look like tile, hardwood, or even can be made to look like polished concrete floors if the customer desires.  The downside to concrete floor overlays are one that it is much more expensive than polished concrete on the original slab to that.

It is much more difficult to maintain. And three it’s not as durable.  Diamond polishing your floor involves a refining process of your actual slab to transform it into a finished floor. Any kind of concrete overlay is a thin layer of polymerized concrete applied on your floor. And it requires a sealer in order to make it stain resistant and easier to clean. Anytime a sealer is introduced to the process this creates a weak link because sealer by its very nature is a sacrificial coating that is worn out over time and must be either replaced or reapplied in order to keep your floor looking good and easy to clean, polished concrete floors by their very nature are a completed floor. When used in other than high traffic areas they require no more maintenance than dry mopping or wet mopping to remove any areas that are a little bit more stubborn with stains or spills. 

A fourth flooring option to compare it to polished concrete Floors Little Rock is to use a commercial carpet such as an indoor-outdoor carpet or a tightly woven commercial carpet. These are designed to be more stain resistant than carpets that are usually found in the home. These kinds of carpets are not quite as comfortable, but are more durable than normal carpets. Polished concrete floors by far a better option than any kind of carpet that is installed in your home or office. Carpeting is usually about the same cost by the time you purchase carpet and have it installed as polished concrete floors are, but polished concrete floors have a much, much longer life expectancy than carpet in a commercial setting. Carpet must be continuously cleaned. Usually it’s vacuumed every single day and often must be professionally cleaned at least monthly to keep it looking good and to prevent stains from building up. Usually even the best commercial carpet has a life expectancy of only 10 years. So within 10 years, that carpet, that cost about the same amount as the polished concrete must be torn back out, new carpet purchased and a new installation charge added to get your floor looking nice. Again, in this same time, the polished concrete required only dry mopping or possibly some wet mopping and maybe a trip back once or twice from a professional to densify your floor and get my inner scratching and wear marks out of high traffic areas. 

A polished concrete floor properly maintained can last a lifetime versus the 10 years of carpet. 

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