A hot new trend in both new construction and home renovation today is polished concrete floors. Polish concrete floors Little Rock have become incredibly popular because they are very economical. There is no additional material that is put on top, such as carpeting or tile. So, the only cost of the flooring is the cost of polishing the concrete itself, which is a part of the foundation of your property. It’s environmentally friendly. As I said earlier, there’s no additional materials put on top of your concrete slab. Your concrete slab is actually turned into your finished flooring. Another great advantage of polished concrete floors Little Rock is that it is the lowest cost maintenance flooring available by far. Once a concrete slab becomes a polished concrete floor, It is chemically and mechanically closed up on the surface, become nearly non porous. This means that dust and dirt does not have little crevices and places to get down and hide in, and it makes it easier to just sweep up and remove debris.

It also helps when liquids are spilled, as this gives time for a person to come clean up that mess rather than staining the carpet or the tile flooring that would be there otherwise. Now, what exactly is a polished concrete floor? In a nutshell, a polished concrete floor is a full concrete floor that has been refined through several stages. Use an increasingly finer grits of diamonds to close off the surface so that the floor is no longer porous as concrete is when it is first poured and formed up. This is done through both of a mechanical and a chemical process. Polished concrete floors typically start with an 80 metal hybrid that helps take out some of the high spots on the floor and begins to grind away the floor to open the slab and prepare it for the finer grits. After that a 100 grit is typically used, followed by 200 resin and the resin really begins the polishing process for a floor. And then finally, after that what’s considered a polished concrete floor is a floor that’s been polished up to a 400 resin. It does not have to stop at 400 resins. However, for a shinier floor diamonds are available all the way up to 800, 1500 and 3000 grit to provide different levels of sheen., uh, diamond resin pucks. And these will give you a sealed floor with a great shine.

Polished Concrete Options With Us

So what else can you do with Polish concrete floors Little Rock? Well, we can add color into the process and this is not a acetone stain that has a sealer rolled over. We actually, as part of the process, we’ll have slab has opened up with our metals diamonds. We add the color so that it penetrates down into the concrete, and then we complete the diamond concrete polishing, which seals that color into the slab itself. We also have the ability to do stencils diagrams, monograms, or logos on floors. And we have color borders that are available to hide things like divots, where tack strips were pulled up and the nail has popped out some of the concrete and as left a gap, even though we can fill these little divots, the concrete color will never take the same along the walls where you pull up the tack strips and most people are okay with that, but other customers prefer to hide that. And our epoxy boarders are a great option for that.

Polished concrete floors Little Rock are ideal in the home, work or office space. It is so low maintenance and easy to maintain and a rustic finished look that does not require a constant cleaning and waxing and re application of sealers in a home unless somebody is doing a lot of entertaining. We typically say that a polished concrete floor really is probably maintenance free for as long as you own your home. Now, if you’re in a higher traffic area, say such as a warehouse or in the office space where you have a lot of foot traffic coming in, we recommend depending on the amount of traffic service, every one to two years to read densify, which is the chemical part of getting the polished concrete and to run some metals and reseal that surface with our diamonds to get it back up to a shine and it easy to maintain surface. Once again, if you have any questions, Pete field call us at (501) 920-9326.