When it comes to the newest fad and home remodeling and new construction, polished concrete floors north little rock is at the head of the list. Many consumers are upset and disappointed in their flooring for three reasons. First of all, the expense of the install. The expensive and install includes removal of any flooring that was already there, the purchase of new materials, and typically paying a subcontractor to come in and install the new materials, whether it be VCT or indoor outdoor carpet, for example. Another complaint is the maintenance to keep the floor looking good; this requires some expenditure of time and money and different types of flooring have different levels of maintenance that are required. The third complaint we hear from customers is that the flooring material that picked out just doesn’t last; its useful life is just too short and they ended up spending spending money sooner than they thought they would have to, to replace the flooring. Surface Renew can fix these issues with our polished concrete floors north little rock.

The upfront expense of a polished concrete floor is very comparable to that of many other popular flooring options. In some cases it’s even less expensive. The second advantage surface renew has in its polished concrete floors North little rock service is that maintenance is a breeze. Maintenance really involves nothing more than a dust mop and occasional wet mop to clean up any spills or residue that’s built up on the floor. Compare that to having to pay a carpet cleaning service to come in two to three times per year to clean your carpets or your ceramic tile.

And finally, the complaint we deal with is that so many of the flooring products out there just don’t have a life expectancy that people were told upfront. The great news is for surface renew, our polished concrete floors north little rock last a lifetime with minimal care. We take your concrete slab and refine it and turn it into a finished floor. There’s nothing tougher than polished concrete floors as a finished flooring product. If you’re not sure, just look around at what many of the major big box retailers use as their flooring of choice in their establishment. Polished concrete floors North Little Rock have a life expectancy that matches the life expectancy of your home office or business. Concrete floors don’t have to be one of the most popular things we’re seeing. With polished concrete floors North little rock right now is adding stain or color to the concrete. This allows you to tie in the decor or to set a tone for your home business or office. We have many great colors to offer. One of the most popular right now is our caramel color.

Other things we can do to add a little bit of a personal touch to your floors is to do a border in a complimentary color. These borders are in an epoxy coating that is painted on around the edges of your floor. The edges of the floors are always a tough spot for concrete polishing because our big 700 pound machines can only get up to about two to three inches within the edge of your walls. This means that anything closer than that has to be ground by hand and a 200 pound man just cannot put the same pressure on the head of a grinder that a 750 pound machine can. Another great option we have are the ability to put logos, decorative colors and stencils to personalize your floor. The options here are almost endless and we would need you to give us a call and talk about what you’re thinking about to get more specifics on that. So when you’re considering your next home remodel or new construction, remember polished concrete floors north little rock, a service by surface renew that can save you money and definitely save you time down the road. As you have less maintenance expense and spend less time cleaning and maintaining your floors. Call Surface Renew today at 501-920-9326 or email us at salesinfo@surface-renew.com