What is a polished concrete floor? Polished concrete floors north little rock uses a process of refining the existing concrete slab in your home office or business to produce a finished floor. The basic definition of a polished concrete floor is a concrete floor that has been mechanically ground, honed, and polished with increasingly higher grits of diamonds and bonded abrasives in order to cut into the floor surface and level it and seal it.

Our process usually starts with a fifty metals. If we’re having to do some minor leveling or have deeper scratches to get out these 50 metals more aggressively cut into the floor and can remove minor scratches and do some slight leveling on a concrete slab. This is followed by an eighties grit diamond tool. This is meant to go in and level out and take away some of the scratching that was intentionally done by the 50 metals to get the floor moving towards a level, polished, sealed look. After that, we used progressively a finer diamond grits.

The 100s and 200s are used following the metals and 80s, in order to begin the process of closing the slab back up and sealing the floor. Along with these steps, we also introduce a product referred to as densifier, which is a chemical concrete hardener. This product gets down into the upper level of the concrete before we completely seal it off with our final steps in the polishing process. This densifier creates a crystal chemical reaction in the floor itself and tightens the pores and actually makes the upper surface of the concrete floor harder. We finish off the polished concrete floors north little rock with a series of resin diamonds to seal off the floor and to get the desired shine the customer is looking for. A floor is generally considered to be a polished concrete floor when the 400-grit diamond is run across the surface.

Most often we recommend our customers go to an 800-grit diamond as this does a much more thorough job of sealing off the surface and provides nice clarity and shine in the finished product. Once we run these diamond resin abrasives over your floor is that you have a concrete slab that is now turned into an easy to maintain and great-looking finished floor. The big benefits of polished concrete floors north little rock are that it saves you time and money. We save you time because maintenance is so much easier on a polished concrete floor compared to other flooring items such as luxury vinyl tiles, VCT, indoor outdoor carpet, or ceramic tiles.

Maintenance is as simple as running a dry mop or a wet mop over the floor in order to pick up any dust, debris and allergens that might have settled onto the floor and using a wet mop to clean up any areas of spills or sticky messes that have been created on the floor by a dropped drink or food that’s fallen off a plate. We save you money in terms of the longevity and the maintenance costs reduction of a polished concrete floor versus many of the other options I mentioned above. Some of the other things we can add on to a polished concrete floor North little rock is a stain or color. We have numerous great-looking colors that can be embedded into your floor as well as a epoxy borders in complimentary colors that can be applied to the edges of your room. One other thing we can do is do custom logos and colors on your floor to highlight your business logo, or to just set the tone for your favorite sports team. Call us today at (501) 920-9326 for a free consultation from one of our polished concrete floors, north little rock experts.