Have an old, damaged or embarrassingly outdated bathroom vanity counter top? Bathroom vanity resurfacing is a great low cost alternative to replacing them.


Bathroom Vanity Resurfacing

Is Your Bathroom Counter Top Ready for a New Look?

When you walk into your bathroom, what do you see? Warm, enriching colors of the earth? Clean, crisp neutral tones that give you a feeling of cleanliness, freshness and simplicity? Or, do your walls, shower tiles, bathtub and sink vanity showcase colors that were the hot picks in the 1980’s or maybe the funky 70’s? Might your vanity still be one, dare say, from the 1960’s or 50’s?

While there is value and a growing appreciation for original, retro and even the use of bold colors in home decor, an outdated bathroom sink vanity is one of the fastest ways to lower your home’s value.

Bathroom Vanity Resurfacing

If the thought of updating your bathroom vanity excites you, but the idea of a full on renovation gives you pause- the perfect solution is a call to Surface-Renew.

A visit from a Surface Renew color change technician is simple and non-obtrusive. And he will deliver a fresh, updated look to your bathroom vanity in just a couple of hours at a fraction of the cost of a whole bath remodel.

Cracks and Chip Repair

In fact, the experts at Surface-Renew can repair cracks and chips in vanities, sinks, bathtubs and shower tile. The repairs are permanent and become invisible. They are like new in appearance and texture.

Many Textures, Styles and Colors

Instead of plain ole’ white, they can resurface your bathroom vanity with a new stone finish. You can also simply change the color of your tiles on the sink vanity, your tiled bathroom & shower walls! With hundreds of colors to choose from, you can increase the enjoyment of your bathroom and the value of your home by simply calling our experts today.

Ask about the options to update and refinish your bath vanity today. Resurfacing vanity tops and bathroom sinks have never so easy. One call starts it all!

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