Does your bathroom have a great layout but still sports outdated counter tops?

Ready to transform your counter tops in as little as 4 hours?

House trends change. Bathrooms, kitchens, wall color, flooring choices.  One of the great benefits of advances in technology is the ability to update the look of your home with out having to do major renovations.

New options that are affordable encourage home owners to freshen up the look of their bathroom counter tops by calling the experts at Surface Renew in Arkansas.

Our team has years of experience in repairing, resurfacing and refinishing a variety of older style bathroom counter tops.

Many times the resurfacing we do can be ready to use in as little as 4 hours! This is great for you as the services cost less than a major renovation.  You also avoid downtime with our counter top transformations.

Home bathroom trends have changed over the years. We work with some home owners who have a home built in the 1980’s or 90’s – and they want to go retro with their decor.  We also have clients who have decor from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s- who want to ‘modernize’ their look.

What ever your preference, the refinishing we do for counter tops, tubs, showers, walls and even floors can make your project easy and affordable.

Be sure to ask about the color options for counter tops.  When you talk to our experts you can also discover different finishes available to you.

Your bathrooms do not have to look outdated or boring anymore!  Contact our team of expert tile, counter top, tub and shower resurfacing experts and set up time to go over your options that will work with your budget, timeline and style preferences.