If your bathroom has bold colors of the past and you want to change them to a modern color of your choice then call Surface Renew today.

Together we can discuss your bathroom sink color change without having a major renovation.


Also known as resurfacing, and reglazing, our sink refinishing services is a process that restores your sink to its original beauty and functionality. Much like spray painting a car, we first prep the old surface making it ready to bond a new thin yet durable surface over the top. The end result is your old fixture looks like new again!

Bathroom decor and trends over the past 50 years brought us a variety of styles, colors, textures and patterns to choose from. We all have our own ideas of what is ‘hot’ and what is ‘not’.

Some people are ‘color converts’. So they will make bold color changes in their home with absolutely gorgeous boutique lines of colored sinks in rich, deep colors and textures. And that’s great! And we can serve you in whatever colors pique your fancy.

Bathroom Sink Color Change Creates a Worthy Retreat for You

You can change your bathroom sink color from an older (and perhaps outdated) robust color to basic white. Or you can change from white to a new current color. White is still by far the most popular choice for bathroom sinks.

More people are going back to classics and affordable options. White sinks, counters, bathtubs and toilets are classic and timeless bathroom fixtures. This is because white fixtures look clean and serves as a great base for adding other new trendy colors of choice to match personal tastes and home decor.

When you update your home to include a white bathroom sink, floor, shower, bathtub and counter tops you are creating a blank canvass that allows you to follow the use of your favorite colors. This approach can maximize your interior design budget. We recommend keeping fixtures that are already white and then using color with paint on the walls, towels, window coverings and other accessories.

Broken, cracked or chipped sink? No problem!

We can fix it then change the color. Or reglaze it the same original color. No need to replace your sink at a high cost when we can repair it at a much lower and more affordable price. This approach is perfect for home owners and property managers who want a sleek modern clean look but still desire current colors.

By approaching your home upgrades this way you also are able to change your bathroom sink color much easier whenever you want to.

If you ever decide to sell your home, the classic white bathroom remains as a backdrop for the new home owner to then add their own color preference and personal touch for minimal cost and time. But we’re not against color changes! We just feel that white tile is a classic choice with the broadest range of options and design possibilities.

Lots of Color Options to Choose From

See our gallery for color change options if you do not prefer white fixtures and want a bathroom sink color change.

Call Surface Renew today for a chat with our design team about updating your bathroom sinks with a new clean look. If you want bathroom sink color changes and updates call us today. You can change your bathroom sink color without a major renovation cost. Repair and reglaze your old sink for a fresh new appealing look!

Learn more about our sink refinishing services here. Then contact Surface Renew today to set time for an onsite estimate of your bathroom and kitchen surfaces that are ready for repairs or updating.
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