Bathroom Vanities

Articles about bathroom vanities. How to repair, resurface and remodel bathroom vanities so they look “like new”.

Repair Cracks in Bathroom Sink and Vanity
Real life account of a lady in Little Rock who was selling her home but had ugly damaged sinks and counter tops dragging down her home’s selling price. Here’s how we helped her out of a tough expensive jam for pennies on the dollar.

Resurfacing Bathroom Sinks & Vanity Tops
Have an old, damaged or embarrassingly outdated bathroom sink and vanity top? Resurfacing bathroom sinks is a great low cost alternative to replacing them. Because why spend more time and money when you can have it done for less?

Go from Ugly Bathroom to Awesome in 6 Easy Steps
Imagine having the bathroom remodel of your dreams, just the way you want it, done to perfection in less than one day and for 1/4 or less the price of a full remodel. Ugly bathroom to awesome in 6 easy steps.

Bathroom Counters Tops Transform within 4 Hours by Surface Renew Tile Refinishing
Repairing, resurfacing and refinishing a variety of older style bathroom vanities and counter tops.

Bathroom Countertop Resurfacing
Exciting options for you to update and renew the look of your counter tops without a major investment in time or money are available from our team at Surface Renew!