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Bathtub Refinishing Service in Rogers, AR

One day bathroom remodel – Fast Professional Service! Upgrade Your Bathtub with Beautiful New Coating in a variety of colors. Enjoy a new looking bathtub in less than one day. We refinish all types of tubs: Porcelain, cast iron, fiberglass, steel. Serving Rogers and surrounding areas for 15 years. So many great customer reviews. Call 479-226-0703 for a FREE QUOTE today!

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Before and After Photos

Before and After photos of our bathtub refinishing service in Rogers, AR. In these photos you’ll see tub refinishing along with wall tile refinishing.

From Grungy to Pristine

13 Tub Refinishing Arkansas

Tub Refinishing Service

Tub refinishing is a form of repairing your bathtub and refreshing its surface to a like new appearance. Refinishing is a great alternative to costly removal and replacement. It is a smart option to explore because our bathtub refinishing service in Rogers is both Eco-friendly and cost effective.

In most cases, tub refinishing is far cheaper than replacement, especially if your tub is a clawfoot tub, spa tub or an antique tub. You’d be surprised at the high quality finish we can achieve though our special service. See our portfolio gallery for some shining examples.

Chips, Cracks and Ding Repairs

We can repair chips, cracks, gouges and dings prior to bonding a new surface onto your bathtub. This new surface will not fade or wear off in time. So it is durable, and permanent!

Bathtub Refinishing Saves Money and Makes Sense

There’s no need to continue living with outdated colors or tub surface damage. Allow Surface Renew to transform your bathroom for a reasonable price and without a huge mess.

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