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One day bathroom remodel – Enjoy a new looking bathtub in less than one day. Fast professional service for Sherwood residents because we’re based in Maumelle near North Little Rock. So that means we’re a local bathtub refinishing service and close by! You can upgrade your bathtub with a beautiful new coating. Variety of colors available. We refinish all types of tubs: Porcelain, cast iron, fiberglass, steel. Serving Sherwood and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Lots of great customer reviews. Call 501-920-9326 or fill out form below for a FREE QUOTE today!

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Before and After Photos

Before and After photos of our repairs and bathtub refinishing in Sherwood, AR.

Bathtub Refinishing Sherwood Service

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Why Choose Bathtub Refinishing over Replacement?

There are several benefits to Sherwood homeowners (and property investors, managers) that tub refinishing provides. The top benefit is improving the overall appearance of a bathroom. This can add comfort while living there as well as boosting the sale value of the property.

Repair Damage

Surface Renew can repair cracks, dents, dings, scratches and other damages prior to reglazing (refinishing) your tub. See the rust in the photo above? All gone now! Not just “painted over. We actually repair the damage prior to refinishing. It’s similar to body work on a car prior to painting. We make sure all the damage areas are brought up to level and that we have a smooth surface to refinish.

Color Change

We can either match your old color or update to any new color you want that’s on the Sherwin Williams color chart.

Fast Refinishing

The refinishing process takes only a few hours. We come to you. No tub removal is necessary because refinishing is done in place. This means that you can use your tub again in a short period of time, in most cases the very next day.

Like-New Surface

The bathtub refinishing process bonds a new surface onto the tub itself. The new surface that we spray on is a hard coat glaze. That’s why the process is also known as “bathtub reglazing“. You will enjoy having a like-new tub in your home.

Drain Covers

We can replace tub drain covers and other trim or fixtures too. Because it makes no sense to have a new looking tub with rusty old fixtures.

Low Cost

Your tub refinishing cost is but a fraction compared to purchasing a new tub. It was not long ago that renovation costs were simply impractical. Today, thanks to advancements in new coatings, tools, and materials, bathtub refinishing is very affordable. And also the perfect solution for improving the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Bottom Line

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Surface Renew offers the best in bathtub refinishing in Sherwood, AR. The end result is your tub that will last for many more years. Thus increasing your enjoyment and improving the sale value of your property. Call today for a special quote on refinishing your tub.


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