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What is Bathtub Refinishing?

Bathtub Refinishing Tulsa is the process of rejuvenating an existing tub by properly preparing the surface and spraying a new coating on top to make the bathtub look as close as possible to new without all the hassle of tear-out, plumbing bills, wall tile repairs, and floor replacement.  Our process is designed to save you 70 to 90% over the cost of replacement!  The best part… we accomplish this in ONE DAY! This process works on ANY tub surface to include porcelain, fiberglass, pressed metal enamel, acrylics, and cultured marble.  As a part of our process, we can even do bathtub crack repair and chip repair to reduce or eliminate years of use.  We offer great warranties (better than the original manufacturer) and guarantee customer satisfaction.


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How is Bathtub Refinishing Tulsa better than other competitors? 

Great question and we have several answers:

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  1. Experience: Our company started in 2004 and adopted the best processes and products to deliver exceptional service with a proven track record!
  2. Training: Our technicians are instructed by our Operations Manager, a former Marine, who emphasizes a strict process.  Every technician trains at our operations center, not at a weekend course or while practicing on your project!
  3. Proven Process:  There are NO shortcuts!  We used the best products available on the market and either a chemical or mechanical method to de-gloss the surface; no “miracle method’ here… just great surface prep!  Many contractors save THEMSELVES time and money with “wipe-on” primers.
  4. Superior Coatings:  We’ve partnered with experienced and proven bathtub coating manufacturers to get our customers a tough, durable coating with THE best adhesion available… ANYWHERE!
  5. Customer Comfort:  Our work sites are all equipped with exhaust blowers to get as much of that chemical smell and overspray out of your house. 

Is a DIY Bathtub Paint Kit Cheaper?

Initially with Bathtub Refinishing Tulsa it can appear that way…  until you start adding up the costs you have in addition to your tub reglazing kit.  What else should you factor in?

  1. Your Time:  Our technicians train for months to become proficient in the art of bathtub refinishing.  We can complete a standard bathtub in about 2 to 4 hours.  First time around, plan on 2 to 3 times that amount of time!  Don’t you have a better way to spend your time?
  2. Additional Supplies:  There is A LOT of material, tools, and supplies needed to refinish a bathtub… our technicians typically need to make 2 or 3 trips from the truck to your house just to get started.  You’ll need these items too or your project won’t turn out as planned.  Just a few examples: masking tape, masking paper, paper towels, drop cloths, basic tools, caulk, polyester filler, and brushes.  An air exhauster is critical unless you want to smell the DIY paint kit for a week or more!
  3. Safety:  These chemicals are safe when used by trained professionals for bathtub refinishing Tulsa with the right safety gear.  You’ll need: protective gloves, safety glasses, and a protective mask with appropriate cartridges (not COVID masks).  Proper prep often involves using a strong acid cleaner and petroleum-based solvents for cleaning.  Always protect your skin, eyes, and lungs!  Note:  Our basic safety gear alone is nearly the cost of an entire bathtub refinishing job… of course, many items we can re-use; a DIY’er probably won’t need them again.
  4. Mistakes:  Hey… they happen!  We’re all human right?  Your DIY paint kit could get knocked over and spilled, or mixed incorrectly… and ruined!  What if you make a mistake in prep and your hard work starts peeling off 3 months later?  It happens in DIY jobs A LOT… even happens to pros occasionally, but that’s what our warranty is for! We come fix it.  If you make a mistake, you’re on the hook for all those supplies and time again!

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“I Can Get a Brand-New Bathtub for $175 – Refinishing is More Expensive!”

We hear this every once in awhile and ½ of this statement is 100% correct… you can get a brand-new, in the box bathtub at Lowe’s or Home Depot for as little as $175… A basic bathtub reglazing is typically about $400 so how are we saving homeowners 70 to 90%?  One simple fact: bathtubs don’t install themselves and that’s where the lion’s share of the cost is!  A few things to consider:

  • Cheap Bathtubs = Low Quality:

The low end bathtub is not exactly built to last… want a better bathtub that you’ll get more years out of?  Maybe as great as a solid porcelain, cast-iron one like you have in many older homes?  Those start at $700 and can run up over $1250!!  A cheap bathtub will NOT last…  think of “life-cycle” costs to make smart financial decisions.

  • Demo of Old Bathtub:  

This is NOT a fun process and you’ll pay quite a few bucks to have this done… especially if you’ve got a heavy cast iron bathtub!  The usual approach is to take a sledge hammer and bust it up into pieces that can be carried out!  Loud and messy!  Take care in this part tho; any adjacent areas that are damaged or plumbing lines will drive the cost of your replacement up… QUICKLY!

  • Pay the Plumber:  

Have you hired one lately?  They’re in demand and they know it!  It’s expensive!  The money is worth it though when you think about the damage a bad, leaking plumbing job can create.

  • Tile Installer:  

If you look at your bathtub after you tear it out… or at the store, you’ll notice there’s a “L” shaped ring around the tub.  This is covered by wall tile or shower surround material when installed.  Most likely you’ll have to remove the bottom row or 2 to get enough clearance to pull the tub out.  You’ll need a tile installer to repair this once the new tub is in.  Tile people are busy right now too and don’t have enough help… and their prices reflect this fact! A bathtub replacement typically runs about $1500 on the low end, up to $3000+ for more expensive bathtubs or updates.  Let’s look at the low end figure of $1500.  If we refinish that solid cast-iron bathtub for $400, you’ve just saved $1100 and days, if not weeks, of scheduling headaches and mess.  That’s 73% savings…  over a cheap bathtub replacement!  And we do the Bathtub Refinishing Tulsa in ONE DAY in most cases!

Bathtub Reglazing To Save Our Customers Time & Money

We can do much more to save you even MORE time and money while we’re there too!!  In addition to bathtub refinishing we can:

  • Resurface Wall Tile
  • Reglaze Bathroom Sinks & Showers
  • Refinish Bath Vanity Tops
  • Resurface Kitchen Countertops
  • Fix Cracked Bathtubs
  • Repair Chips and Holes

Give us a call today for a free quote for your Bathtub Refinishing Tulsa and to discuss your home renovation plans… we have solutions for you!  Our friendly staff can quickly set up your ONE DAY bathroom makeover and save you money in the process.

Durable Bathtub Refinishing

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