Bathtub Resurfacing is our Leading Service for Good Reason

Whether you are a homeowner, real estate investor, hotel owner, or just need an affordable way to update and increase value in your kitchen and bathrooms, bathtub resurfacing adds quality to your property without maxing your budget.

Surface Renew has expertise in bathtub resurfacing. Our resurfacing team understands the nuances it takes to transition your out-of -date or damaged tubs to like-new condition.

With our process we can fix or repair cracks and chips and then change your tub’s color. So you end up with a new finish that shines like a new tub. And that is clean and sanitary.

Bathtub resurfacing from Surface Renew is great for instantly refreshing dingy, dull and outdated bathroom surfaces such as: sinks, bathtubs, and counter top surfaces.

Why Bathtub Resurfacing Goes Great with Bathroom Remodeling

Rather then needing to invest in a whole new bathtub for a remodel, you can choose this service to update your existing bathtub (along with other surfaces) for a fraction of the cost.

Bathtub refinishing instantly creates a polished and updated look for your bathroom. The refinish glaze sets in as little as four hours. That means less down time for you. So you can have us out to start your job in the morning and then your new tub will be ready to use by night time.

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