Clawfoot Tub Refinishing in Arkansas

Clawfoot Tub Refinishing in Arkansas

If you own a clawfoot tub, even if it’s in rough shape, then count yourself lucky. Are you thinking of getting rid of it because it looks worn or out dated? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could help you refinish it? You can save up to 80% over replacement when you refinish your bathtub instead of installing a new one!

If you are having issues like difficulty in cleaning, chipped or stained tubs, or discolorations, you may want to consider a bathtub refinishing. Even when you have scratches and chips on your tub, no worries, we can get rid of the dings and dingy appearance fast and at affordable rates.

We Specialize in Clawfoot Tub Refinishing

Although we have a wide range of bathtub refinishing product for repairs of acrylic bathtub, ceramic bathtub, and porcelain bathtubs, we are specialists in refinishing clawfoot bathtubs. When you seek professional bathtub refinishing services, Surface Renew has you covered.

Undertaking a clawfoot tub refinishing with Surface Renew is an easy and fast way to restore the new look of your old clawfoot bathtub at a relatively low cost when compared to installing bathtub liners or replacing the bathtub.

Durable Clawfoot Tub Refinishing

After several years of use, Clawfoot bathtub can lose its visual appeal, become porous, and may lack the sparkling look and fresh feel that it once had while it was still new. Constant usage over the years and regular cleaning with agents like abrasive could also affect the finishing.

One unique thing about our services is the long-lasting effect it has on vintage clawfoot bathtubs. Our refinishing service can increase the useful life of your tub by an additional 20 years. Our top quality coatings are such that after refinishing, your visitors will think you just got a new clawfoot bathtub.

We transform your existing acrylic tub, or porcelain tub, by resurfacing it with a shining coat that is durable, looks “like new” and easy to maintain.

You Save Money and Time

Something noteworthy about refinishing is that it helps you to save a reasonable amount of money and still gives your bathtub a brand new look. You will not have to spend money hiring a plumber to modify or replace the plumbing or pay a home improvement contractor for expensive bathroom remodeling. Also, the refinishing may be completed in just one day!

Customized Bathtub Exterior

Traditional clawfoot tubs often come in white color; built with cast iron, beautified with ceramic or porcelain interiors and exteriors. A lot of us have become familiar with that traditional white look inside out. However, we can make your bathtub reflect your personality and style with the use of colors. Feel free to discuss your color options with us when you contact us about your clawfoot bathtub refinishing project. We can also give you suggestions for your bathtub color.

We can personalize your clawfoot tub with your desired color. A lot of our clients request for their clawfoot tub to have a matching color with their toilets, vanities and other bathroom items. We also have unique bathtub exterior options like stone finishes, etc. You have a wide range of design and color options to choose from.

Check out our Gallery for amazing options for your clawfoot bathtub refinishing project.

Some clawfoot tubs we refinish have already been coated, painted or refinished in the past. We remove all the old coatings prior to applying a new finish. Our clawfoot tub refinishing experts at Surface Renew will leave your clawfoot tub with a durable gloss finish, giving it a sparkling long lasting effect.

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