Color Changes

Many old kitchen and bath fixtures are great candidates for color change. A lot of tubs, tile, sinks, and counter tops are in great FUNCTIONAL shape, but look out of place in today’s home.

The most common color change requests the team at Surface Renew hears are:

1. Can you change the color of and older Pink, blue, or green bathtubs from years gone by?

YES! Surface Renew can change these out dated colors and make them the timeless. Even if they are durable cast iron tubs. The most popular colors are classic white and almond in our Standard Color Change package. We even can make your colored tiles a new color from the Sherwin Williams palette! Color adds personality to your home. And our Premium Color Change package let’s you enjoy the color you love. While yet keeping your home current by working with the colors that are on trend now.

2. Can you change the color of a wall tile, especially tile from before 1970

YES! This tile is installed on metal lathe and concrete. It is usually rock solid with smooth grout. Most tiles installed before 19070 are: pink, blue, black, or white with gold specks. We can update the look of those tiles without you having to do a demolition style renovation of your bathroom.
Many of our customers choose to go with an upgrade to the clean and classic white or almond color as the base for their new bathroom color palette. You have many options though. So take a moment to preview just a few of them on our color chart.

3. What about butcher block kitchen counter tops? We have them in our home. They were THE style in the 1980s, but not so much today. Can we can change these older styles to a modern stone look?

YES! It is very affordable to change out the look of your butcher block kitchen counter top and have a new stone finish. Take a moment to preview just a few of them on our color chart. If you are looking for a stone color or a finish that is different than what we show online, be sure to contact us. One of our refinishing consultants can work with you to determine the perfect choice of color and texture for your home from additional color options available.

Bonus Color Change Info:

When people choose to have the Surface Renew refinishing and reglazing experts update and upgrade the value of their home through a color change of tile in the bathrooms or kitchen, they understand that this choice offers:
  • Simplicity
  • Affordability
  • Convenience
  • Peace of Mind
  • Return of Investment


Here’s why:
One of the final steps in modern bathroom construction is to put a large, one piece shower/tub insert and then build the wall closing the room in. If you talk to a general contractor or bathroom designer, they will recommend the only way to change that style of shower or tub is to reverse the way it went in. That means opening up walls, removing the shower or tub in pieces, and then installing the new ones the same way. This approach adds cost, time and often an interruption into your lifestyle that is not always convenient or affordable.
Not so with us. Because we can change the color right in place! No demolition, no open walls. We use the foundation of your existing tile, tub and shower and simply change the color or finish with our reglazing and resurfacing expertise!


Call or email us today to find out more details for color change options for your home!