Property managers in Arkansas are realizing that the cost of having their bathtubs, showers, tile, countertops sinks and vanities refinished, resurfaced, painted and/or reglazed saves them up to 80% of what it would cost to replace them.

Saves Time and Money

Fixture replacement is takes a lot of time. Depending on the quality and competency of the contractor hired it could take even longer. Replacing these kinds of fixtures is also disruptive in terms of the mess that it can create. Construction noise can be a problem for existing residents too. Since new tenants can’t tell the difference between a refinished or replaced fixture, your end result of a happy tenant is the same.

Properties with refinished fixtures look brand new at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. Due to refinishing kitchen and bathrooms appear cleaner and more modern too. As a result our fast and easy service helps you to keep your vacancy rate low by increasing faster unit turn-around. And since you can turn a rental unit faster that means you can rent it faster too.

Meeting Your Needs

Above all we understand your duty as a property manager to keep your costs low and your profits high. So our commercial services are designed with your best interests in mind.

Property managers that refinish their bathtubs, showers, wall tiles, countertops, sinks and vanities can save substantial amounts of money; up to 80% of the cost of replacement! In the property management industry this clever type of saving is crucial to your bottom line. Also, keeping fixtures looking new and clean increases tenant desire and helps you rent properties faster. Finally, this can help keep your income stream flowing.

Learn more about our sink refinishing services here. Then contact Surface Renew today to set time for an onsite estimate of your bathroom and kitchen surfaces that are ready for repairs or updating.
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