Concrete Polishing Little Rock Before Or After

Why Polish Concrete?

  • Icon Dollar SignReduce Dust & Allergens
  • Icon ClockLow Annual Maintenance Cost
  • Icon RainbowEasy to Clean
  • Icon HammerLasts 10x longer than traditional “Stain and Seal”
  • Icon TubAlmost unlimited color and design options
  • Icon TubSuitable for any setting from home to office or business

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Concrete Floor Polishing & Staining

Surface Renew is now offering concrete polishing Little Rock loves. We are proud to announce an agreement in 2018 that enabled us to combine forces with Premier Polishing Systems to enable us to offer our customers a great flooring alternative: diamond polished concrete and stained concrete.

Diamond polished concrete is NOT the same as the traditional “stain & rolled seal” method for finishing a concrete floor. As the name implies, concrete polishing Little Rock uses diamond impregnated polishing pucks to make a concrete floor look great, resist stains from spills, require less maintenance, and last longer.

In concrete polishing Little Rock, our processes and procedures are the key to providing our customers with outstanding results much faster and more cost effectively than VCT, ceramic tile, wood, linoleum, or other flooring alternatives. For proof, look no further than what the big retailers are using in their stores and warehouses… for concrete polishing Little Rock, it’s diamond polished concrete.

Concrete Polishing Little Rock Living Room


Dust particles and other allergens that are in the air have nowhere to stick and hide like they do in carpeting and tile grout lines. They are easily and completely removed from the smooth finish of the polished surface.

In concrete polishing Little Rock requires less maintenance than VCT, sealed/waxed flooring, or tile. In residential settings, many times it needs nothing more than a dust mop and water. If you want to really make it shine, to come back and burnish (polish) costs about the same as re-waxing but lasts for years instead of weeks.

Color Selection: There is a HUGE number of color options… you don’t have to settle for the color of your concrete. We can also incorporate colored borders and concrete floors have a rustic, unique look that cannot be duplicated!

More durable option: There is no flooring option that can match the long-term durability of polished concrete… IT’S CONCRETE!! With our integrated densifiers and impregnating sealers, there’s no thick “wear surface” that is easily scratched and scuffed… even in high traffic areas!

So, what type of settings are suitable for diamond concrete polishing:

  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Salons
  • Restaurants/Sports Bars
  • “Man Caves”
  • Office Space
  • Warehouses
  • Really… any place that has a concrete floor!

Since 2004 Surface Renew has been adding beauty and savings to Arkansas homes and businesses! A smooth shiny floor is a great first impression at home or work. It is super easy to maintain and looks great for years. We have diamond polished concrete flooring at many local shops, restaurants, sports bars, apartments, hotels, beauty salons, and so many other places. These owners that realize what an economical, beautiful, and practical solution concrete polishing Little Rock offers. If you’d like some references, just give us a call or set up an appointment to see our showroom… it’s stained polished concrete of course!

Some other great features you can add to your concrete polishing Little Rock are:

  • Logos: Use it to brand your business and stand out… or to show your team spirit in your man cave (or “she shed” as the insurance commercial refers to it)
  • Colored borders: These are a great way to hide the davits and chips that are left when carpet is removed from concrete. Plus, it can be a great way to add color!
  • Saw cut designs: These can be done along with a colored border or as a stand-alone feature to add some character to an area.
    Joint Fill: Concrete MUST have expansion joints, but they do NOT have to look like opening to the underworld or a bottomless pit! We can fill joints with and expandable fill in a color that complements your flooring.

So, we’re your choice for durable, beauty, and low maintenance in your home or business. Concrete polishing Little Rock is exploding in popularity of all those reasons and so many more. We’d love to come by and look at your project, no matter what size it is to find a solution for you that delivers great “bang for your buck!”

Check out our gallery page on this site to see examples of what diamond polished concrete flooring can look like or give us a call and we can send out pictures and answer any questions you may have.