Why is Surface Renew’s Concrete Staining Little Rock, AR so much better than the traditional “stain and seal” method of concrete staining?

1. Durability: Our method of polishing the stain INTO the concrete slab is the toughest flooring option available. A sealer is a topical coating meant to be a “sacrificial” layer on top of your floor. This means by its very design the sealer is intended to be worn away! Diamond concrete polished opens the slab up so our color can penetrate INTO the slab and is not sitting on your floor to be worn away by foot traffic or equipment moving.

2. Lower Maintenance: A traditional stain and seal job is going to require regular maintenance if you plan to have any type of regular traffic. The “faux shine” as we like to call it is easily scratched and to keep the floor looking good requires regular applications of wax. This quickly becomes an endless maintenance cycle and the expenses add up QUICKLY!

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3. Scratch and Stain Resistance: Concrete Staining Little Rock, AR is more than 10x as scratch and stain resistant as the stain and roll seal approach. 10x!!! This means that your high traffic areas won’t quickly show patterns and loss of color as they do with the stain and roll.

4. Longest Lifespan: Hands down the longest flooring life cycle is the diamond polished concrete floor. Here’s some hard numbers to back that claim up:

Floor Finish Installed COST Maintenance COST/YEAR Expected Life YEARS Cost per Year Average
Polished Concrete $3.50 $0.50 40 $0.59
Man Made Hardwood $9.58 $0.60 25 $0.98
Carpet $3.22 $0.65 6 $1.19
Marble $21.00 $0.75 40 $1.28
Terrazzo $32.00 $0.75 40 $1.55
Quarry Tile $6.83 $1.90 40 $2.07
Glazed Ceramic Floor Tile $7.00 $1.90 40 $2.08
Glazed Porcelain $8.34 $1.90 40 $2.11
Stained Concrete $5.00 $2.00 40 $2.13
Vinyl Tile Flooring $1.75 $2.00 10 $2.18
Poured Epoxy $8.18 $1.50 10 $2.32
Sheet Vinyl $6.90 $1.75 10 $2.44
Natural Hardwood $9.31 $2.23 40 $2.46

5. Lowest Life Cycle Cost: As you can see from the analysis above, our method of diamond polishing your stained concrete floor is not only the longest lasting, but also the most cost effective over the life your surface. This is bottom line money that goes straight to the profit line AND you have an amazing one of a kind floor that’s a breeze to maintain!
6. ROI and Pay Back Period: Both financial analysis methods point to our process for Concrete Staining Little Rock, AR! The minimal increased upfront cost versus options like the stain and roll seal or VCT are usually recaptured WITHIN THE FIRST YEAR thru vastly decreased maintenance costs!
7. Ultimate Green Solution: The easiest way to minimize dumping into our landfills and not add chemical VOCs to our air is not produce either of these!! There is no carpet or tile to replace and throw away… NONE! With stained concrete, the slab IS your floor! And for clean air… no nasty reapplications of high VOC sealers that can leave an undesirable chemical smell in the air for days.

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Color Chart

How Does our Diamond Polish Concrete Staining Work?

It’s a systematic, proven process that requires the correct equipment, tools, materials, AND experienced concrete polishers! We follow a set of steps that are sure to give amazing color and character to your floor.

  1. “Open” the Slab”: The first step is to use metals and/or 50/100 grit hybrid discs to take off the slick portion of finished concrete and enable us to do minor leveling work. This step is important so that our color, protectants, and densifiers are able to get down INTO the concrete instead of sitting on the surface. This can be a slow and messy process. We typically perform this step by wet grinding… adding water to the surface to minimize dust.
  2. Begin Polishing: This is where we begin to pass over the floor with increasingly higher diamond grits. After the pass with 200 grit diamonds, we apply your desired stain color and use a silicate densifier to help us tighten the pores and harden the surface of your concrete floor.
  3. Finish Polishing: Once the color is embedded into your concrete floor and the densifier has dried, we keep polishing with 400 grit diamonds on up to the level that gets the desired shine the customer would like. Along the way we can also add penetrating sealers and stain blocks for businesses that need the added protection.
  4. Burnishing: Our final step is to burnish your floor to give it a great shine and finish off the sealing process to make your Concrete Staining Little Rock, AR floor a master piece that’s easy to maintain!

How is a “Seal and Stain” Different from Diamond Polished Stained Concrete?

The main differences lie in where the color comes from AND how the floor is sealed/polished:

Stain and Seal Concrete Process: The slab is cleaned and then the concrete is thoroughly dried. The stain is applied to the surface in desired color and again allowed to completely dry. The final step is for a urethane sealer to be applied. The sealer will have a specified cure time before the surface can be walked on or vehicles and/or equipment can be moved onto it. The result is a floor that looks great and has a great shine, but it is really only meant for low traffic areas as it is subject to wear quickly and is scratched relatively easily. Water vapor can be a serious threat if water is trapped under the sealer or is present under the slab. Delamination and discoloring are common.

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Stained Polished Concrete: The slab is actually opened up so that the stain can penetrate down into the concrete and does not sit embedded in a sacrificial coating. The diamond polishing creates a hardened surface that still allows the floor to “breathe” and allow water vapor to pass through it. The diamonds coupled with the densifier create a tough, durable floor that is MUCH more resistant to traffic patterns and scratching. Minimal maintenance is needed as there is not requirement to re-seal or wax to keep your floor looking new. For Concrete Staining Little Rock, AR, this is by far your most economical and hassle-free choice!

What Businesses or Housing are Suitable for Polished Stained Concrete?

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The short answer is any building with a concrete slab! Here in Arkansas that is nearly all buildings. What better option than to take something you already need (a foundation) and turn it into your floor? Stained and polished concrete has grown in popularity due to its unique artisanal properties… each surface is a one of a kind, non duplicable creation that is seen as rustic, yet refined and classical. The combination of local earthly materials gives your Concrete Staining Little Rock, AR floor a regional flavor as well. Most ready-mix companies use local aggregate that is highlighted thru the polishing process.

Concrete Staining Little Rock, AR is done in:

  • Warehouses
  • Retail Shops
  • Hair Salons
  • Offices
  • Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Man Caves
  • Game Rooms
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution Facilities


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What else can you add to a Concrete Staining Little Rock, AR project?

1. Logos: Customized logos with your business name right there in your entryway. Or, we can put your favorite teams emblem or initials so show team spirit.
2. Epoxy Borders: These are great when you tear up carpet and can’t decide how you want to handle those divots left from the carpet tack strip. Borders are available in colors to complement the color of your room.

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