Top 3 Hidden Costs of DIY vs. Pro Tub Refinishing

Top 3 Hidden Costs of DIY vs. Pro Tub Refinishing

Three hidden costs are involved whenever a do-it-yourself homeowner wants to embark on a project.

1) Money:

Many new homeowners usually make a big mistake by taking only this factor into consideration. There’s more to the overall cost of something besides the initial purchase price.

2) Time:

In order to save the first cost factor (money), homeowners sacrifice their time, forgetting that time is precious. If you are going to do it yourself (DIY), you need to consider the cost of time.

When considering the time factor, it is important to consider the overall time needed to complete the big picture of your home remodeling, not only the time needed to complete a specific project, such as bathtub, counter top or tile refinishing.

3) Sanity:

Among the three costs of home renovation, this is the most important and often the least factored.

If you find the thought of you looking for cheap porcelain tiles and matching grout, and going to buy bags of cements and plasters at home depot, also going back home to spend some time with your partner in a 4′ by 6′ space, breathing in tile dust, helping each other to spot knee bruises, and one of you pulling on the other’s nerve endings like loose threads on sweaters makes you uncomfortable, then you may want to reconsider your DIY renovation.

What I mean in essence is that sometimes, time and sanity factor may outweigh the money factor. Our crew can do in one morning what it might take you several days to complete. When doing it yourself, your time and money is spent researching how to do it, buying all the right tools and your learning curve while working on the project.

And what if you make a mistake in your work? Then there’s more time and money lost correcting it. Our work crews get it right the first time because that’s our job as trained professional tile refinishers.

15 Tub Refinishing ArkansasRecently, a customer of ours put the concept into play. This is what she had to say:

“We downsized a few years back after retirement and needed to completely renovate the bathrooms. But we realized that we would rather do other things that were more fun. However, we have done some work on the house such as painting and replacing simple fixtures. But the master bathroom is still in bad shape and is yet to be worked on. So, I called a plumber and asked for estimates on a cheap acrylic shower. After which I met with the people at Surface Renew and asked about refurbishing old showers and tubs.

One recent morning, Surface Renew refinished our tub while we were out getting new fixtures (shower heads, faucets, etc). They were done right about the same time we got back from our shopping. So for the renovation, sanity, money, and time were saved while we were having fun. And the tub / shower combo turned out looking great!”

Before Tub Refinishing

Before Tub Refinishing


After Tub Refinishing

After Surface Renew Tub Refinishing

4 Tub Refinishing Arkansas


You can attempt refinishing tubs yourself as there are DIY kits at big box stores. If your back gets sore easily keep in mind there’s a lot of bending over and extended periods of time spent on your knees. The chemical fumes are awful while in close proximity to the work surface. So if you’re extra sensitive to fumes refinishing tubs and tiles might not be something you want to do yourself.

Refinishing is far more affordable than installing a new tub. Be sure to weigh all the costs before deciding to do it yourself vs. hiring a professional. You might surprise yourself when you discover that hiring a pro is actually the better value!

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