The ambiance and aesthetics of your hotel factors into the amount you can charge for your rooms. Guests love a clean and new look to where they stay. So smart hotel managers know that their rooms have to look top notch with current colors and style trends.

Therefore, updating your hotel’s bathrooms, showers, tubs, and kitchenette counter tops is simple and cost effective! The team at Surface Renew works with hotel owners and managers in Arkansas and Kentucky. We understand how important it is to provide you easy solutions to making your rooms look great.

Hotel Bathroom Sink

Top 3 Hotel Benefits of Bathroom Tub and Tile Resurfacing

Your hotel will greatly benefit from the resurfacing and repair services Surface Renew Tub & Tile Restoration Company provides:

1. Minimal downtime between occupants.

What’s your Cost of Walk? If you’re turning away guests because your rooms are under a 2-week long renovation, then you are losing money! And upsetting guests. So if you can renovate bathrooms in 1 day or less then you can rent more rooms faster. And make more guests happy in the process.

2. New surfaces help convey an inviting atmosphere.

Your guests view clean and new looking surfaces as sanitary and pleasing. Guests also appreciate and value management who care about them. So they are more willing to stay at your hotel and spend more with you when they know you have taken time and care to maintain your rooms.

3. Lower cost compared to more expensive replacement style remodeling.

A typical cost of remove and replace renovation for one bathroom costs $10,000 or more. Our services are less than 80% of that potentially saving your hotel over $8,000 per bathroom. And they’ll look like new too!

Bathroom Renovation in 1 Day = Less Down Time and Faster Rents

Preparing and readying more rooms for new guests in a shorter amount of time is paramount. In your line of management and decision-making, these details will create a stronger line of revenue for your hotel. So you will find that the resurfacing experience of our team helps you have minimal downtime in-between guests.

 Tile resurfacing for hotels. Applying caulk on another Surface Renew project.

In as little as 4 hours we can refinish and seal all the surfaces in a bathroom or kitchenette area. So that means a faster turn-around for your hotel rooms to be ready for your guest’s stay.

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We know that you understand the importance of making wise investments to keep your hotel running smoothly. Contact Surface Renew Tub & Tile Restoration Company for a free quote on tile resurfacing for hotels. We’re happy to set up time for on-site consultations and quotes on custom service packages.

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