Why Refinish?

  • Icon Dollar SignSave up to 90% over replacement
  • Icon Clock1 day remodel
  • Icon RainbowUpdate colors and styles
  • Icon HammerNo tear out or demolitions
  • Icon TubRepair scratches, cracks, chips, and burn marks


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Kitchen Countertop Repair and Resurfacing

Be sure to call us for countertop resurfacing Little Rock. This homeowner just purchased a home with some acreage that she LOVED… except for the kitchen. It had an old and outdated 1980s style “butcher block” kitchen counter with cracks and missing trim. She wanted a granite look but couldn’t afford the granite price; she had seen some of our work at a friend’s place, so she gave us a call.

Project Begin

We met with the customer at our showroom in North Little Rock at 18715 MacArthur Drive, so she could select a color… or you can pick a color online at our “Color” tab. Then she selected a dark stone because it was what she was looking for to accent her off white cabinets. She was ready for her kitchen countertop resurfacing Little Rock!

Countertop Resurfacing Little Rock Before

Damage Repair

On the appointment date for service our technician for this project arrived in the morning to prep the surface and repair those cracks and missing trim pieces. To complete the transformation, he applied the new coating, Venetian, selected by the customer. By the end of the day… her Countertop refinishing was complete.

Countertop Resurfacing Little Rock Before And After

Final Result

The project went well as expected. It only took a few hours to do, then 24 hours to cure. So, the kitchen counter was repaired, resurfaced and was as ready for use by the end of the next day! Another 1 day countertop resurfacing Little Rock transformation complete.

Countertop Resurfacing Little Rock Final

Customer Loves It!

Countertop Resurfacing Little Rock Start Vs Final

The next day we received a text from the customer after she got home and saw her kitchen:


Another happy customer!

Free Quote on Your Kitchen Counter Resurfacing

We can do the same for you and your kitchen, bathroom or hard surfaces: countertops, vanities, bathtubs, and tiles. Because kitchen countertop repair and resurfacing is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way for you to update your kitchen. Countertop resurfacing Little Rock can easily save you over 50% versus laminate replacement.

Call us today for a free no obligation quote. (501) 920-9326 in Central Arkansas or (479) 226-0703 in Northwest AR.

Top 5 Benefits of Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing

The kitchen is a popular area for families and for their visitors to gather. The reason for this is because food and drinks are often associated with good times and fellowship. So, if a kitchen is unsightly or out of date then gathering there for any reason is not very pleasant.
Changing the laminate color or simply redoing countertop in the same color can make a huge, positive difference in a kitchen. This article shows a few of the benefits that countertop resurfacing has over replacing it.

1)No Permit Required

Resurfacing does not require a construction permit but replacement though remodeling does. It’s a fact that most cities require a building permit prior to the beginning of construction services. Building permits are usually quite expensive. Having to purchase one is more than just an inconvenience; it is also costly and takes money away from a remodeling allowance. Choosing to have kitchen countertop resurfaced instead of replaced does not require the purchase of a building permit.
The cost of replacing formica completely is way more than many homeowners can afford to pay. Resurfacing kitchen countertops is at least 50% less expensive and a very smart choice for anyone with a strict budget.

2) No Tear-Out or Demolition

Many homeowners put off or even avoid home remodels because of the disarray that goes along with doing them. No changes to framework and no construction happens during kitchen counter resurfacing. A homeowner can get right back to cooking in their kitchen and entertaining family and friends in a very short time period.

3) No Big Mess to Clean Up

When choosing countertop resurfacing Little Rock instead of replacing, a homeowner can rest assured that there will not be a mess. Since resurfacing is a relatively simple process the work occurs in one room at a time. Dust and other construction particulates do not spread throughout the entire home. The kitchen will be left just as clean as it was prior to the resurfacing job. Sometimes a small amount of paper and tape are left that can be taken down the next day.

4) No Prolonged Family Displacement

Families do not have to be displaced for very long or even at all when having their kitchen countertop resurfaced. A family can go out shopping and come home soon after to a finished job. The family can also stay at home if they wish as long as the workers are allowed the space needed to do and to complete the job.
If fumes are bothersome to someone in your family, it is best to leave the home during the resurfacing job. It’s also good to wait long enough after the job for the fumes to go away before returning.

5) Complete and Ready to Use Within Hours

Time is something that many people do not have enough of. Many of us have hectic schedules. Relaxing at home is often times a luxury for many homeowners. For this reason, when an update is done to their home they do not want it to be a lengthy process. With kitchen countertop resurfacing the whole job can be complete and the new surface will be ready to use within just 24 hours.


We’ve listed just of few of the many benefits of kitchen countertop resurfacing. We are able to spray of new coating right over your existing surface instead of replacing it. The process is quick and budget friendly. The choice of countertop resurfacing is undeniably one of the best decisions any homeowner can make.

Kitchen Counter Refinishing & Repair in Apartment Rental Fayetteville, AR
An apartment complex in Fayetteville, AR called us for kitchen counter refinishing. They had a unit that was badly damaged by the former renter. The kitchen counter tops had some burn damage and lots of stains. A new tenant was ready to move in, but the apartment manager wanted new looking counter tops to retain tenants.

So, we sent a technician over to the Fayetteville AR apartment complex to repair the burn marks near the oven. While there we also and sealed the countertop seam to prevent further water damage. To complete the kitchen counter refinishing we then applied a great neutral stone color. This made the kitchen counters look new again. And for only a fraction of the price and time involved in replacement!

Countertop Resurfacing Little Rock Great Counter

Kitchen Counter Looks Like New Again

So therefore, we gained another loyal apartment complex customer of our high-quality kitchen counter repair and resurfacing service. Additionally, they told us they were very impressed with our prompt arrival, courtesy, and professional attitude.

Ready for Kitchen Counter Refinishing?

We can do the same for you and your kitchen counters. We also refinish bathrooms, sinks, tubs, and other tiled surfaces. You can update your old counters and tile surfaces instead of replacing them!

Countertop Resurfacing Little Rock Damage Repair

Formica Repair and Refinishing: 1 Day to A New Look!

Countertop refinishing has an obvious advantage over replacement. Especially if time is an important factor in your decision. Replacing a countertop can take weeks; a refinishing job is complete in only 2-3 hours. Additionally, you’ll avoid the construction mess that comes with demolition and installation associated with replacing a countertop. In fact, kitchen countertop refinishing and resurfacing saves people as much as 70% of the overall cost of tile replacement. So, not only can you save on your remodeling costs, you potentially can get more remodeling done on the same budget… such as buying new fixtures or appliances because of all the money you are saving!

A Review of our Work

“Surface Renew fixed my old kitchen countertops so I didn’t have to replace them. They were a mess, gouged, chipped, and the ends all tore up. They came in, resurfaced it with a new current look, and did it all in less than 3 hours. The cost was reasonable, and the work crew was very nice. Thanks guys!”

Kitchen Countertop Refinishing is Eco-Friendly

If you opt to repair, refinish or resurface your kitchen countertop rather than replace it, then less materials end up in a landfill. In other words, think of kitchen resurfacing as an effective way to recycle and reuse rather than replace and throw away.
For more info or a quote on countertop resurfacing Little Rock, Call us to talk about options for your home.

Countertop Resurfacing Little Rock Great Backsplash

Have you ever considered doing some renovating in your kitchen just to stop cold when you saw the price? Replacing worn, dated kitchen shelves alone can cost $30,000 in a small kitchen. Being at eye level, the kitchen countertops are the primary element on your kitchen that people take note of. If they look dull, scratched and broken, then your kitchen is going to appear to look that way everywhere.

When you consider doing a whole kitchen redesign and remodel, tearing out the sink and counter tops and rewiring or moving pipes is a daunting and expensive task. It doesn’t need to be that difficult to get a radical new look.
We can make the oldest top look new again, and you’ll still only pay a fraction of the cost you would pay for new countertops. Chances are, you really don’t need new countertops, because usually the only part that is worn is the surface.

Bathroom Countertop Resurfacing

Bathroom countertop trends have changed over the years.

Countertop Resurfacing Little Rock Sink

Does the bathroom in your home have Laminate, Corian, Cultured Marble, or Formica?

Exiting options for you to update and renew the look of your countertops without a major investment in time or money are available from our team at Surface Renew!

Love the look of granite and stone? Granite and stone countertops are one of the most popular trends in home design. Whether in the bathroom or kitchen counters that are in line with current trends of stone, granite and concrete can completely change the look of a room.

Our countertop Resurfacing team can quickly and easily change the look of your bathroom vanity – so you have the highly desired look of high-end stones – without all the headaches and hassles, costs and time-consuming search for the slab of stone.
Updating your bathroom vanity with resurfacing is quick, fast and easy and it starts with a simple phone call to us.
Our experts will set a time with you to show you color options, finishes to beautify and update your bathroom counters.
Call us today and set a time for an onsite estimate. You can have a new looking bathroom soon!