Marble and Stone Restoration

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Why Regular Maintenance?

  • Icon Dollar SignMaintain natural beauty of your investment
  • Icon ClockRegular maintenance helps prevent costly total restoration
  • Icon RainbowIncrease the longevity of your surface
  • Icon HammerEasy to clean


What Surfaces?

  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Terrazzo
  • Granite
  • Ceramic Tiles and Grout
  • Other Natural Stone


We now offer marble polishing Little Rock! At Surface Renew we are committed to making your natural stone surface look its absolute best… and stay looking great with minimal fuss on your part! Natural stone has been used for 1000s of years as a flooring surface because of the stunning appearance and durability of these stones whether it be marble, travertine, terrazzo, or granite. Many countertops are now made of these materials and we can restore, repair, and maintain these for you as well!

Services Overview

There are 3 main groups of service offerings for your natural stone floors and countertops:

1.Maintenance: As the name implies, this is an on-going, regularly scheduled service meant to provide a deep clean and restore shine without using the more expensive diamond restoration process we’ll talk about below. Regular maintenance is critical for your surfaces to not only keep them looking great, but also protect your marble polishing Little Rock and/or quickly address minor damage before it becomes an expensive repair in the future!

2. Repair: This is typically done as part of either regular maintenance or a complete restoration, but some circumstances may warrant repair work as a stand-alone service. Give us a call and we’d be happy to talk about what is best for your unique situation. Repair services include reducing or removing “lippage,” and filling cavities, holes, or chips in the stone. Typically, a powder polish is performed as well to bring a nice shine or honed finish back to your surface.

3. Restoration: This is the most in-depth and most costly of our services. A restoration is a deep cleaning process that includes the use of diamond polishing to address scratches, wear patterns, and to get the best, most even shined or honed finish possible. A final step of this process is a good seal and burnish to harden, tighten, and protect your surface. Regular maintenance is critical once a restoration has been done to keep your natural stone looking great! Many times this process is used for surfaces that have unfortunately had wax applied to them as a quick, temporary fix.

What Are Some of the Stones We Clean and Polish?

Ceramic Tiles and Grout
Nearly Any Natural Stone Surface

Marble Polishing Little Rock Marble

So, what exactly is Marble Polishing Little Rock? We’re glad you asked! It is a process of cleaning the stone surface… which in its natural state is usually quite porous and has contaminants deep in the stone if maintenance has not been done. Sometimes, to get more porous stones such as travertine cleaned and free of mold and mildew requires the use of strong acids that should only be used by technicians trained with these substances. The acid literally eats away the mold, soap scum, mildew, and other contaminants that have penetrated the stone surface. A diamond head polisher is then used to remove an extremely thin layer of stone and expose fresh stone. As a final step, we use a powder polish or honing polish to provide the finished look desired as well as “tightening” the surface to make it less porous thru a process known as “crystallization.” Marble polishing Little Rock will better protect your surface from spills and accidents.

Maintenance Tips

Follow these guidelines to prolong the life of your natural stone surface and to maximize its beauty:

Dust mop daily: This helps with allergies and well as removing small particles of rock, sand, and other debris that could get ground across the floor and cause scratches. If needed, use a wet mop to clean dirtier areas or spills.

Door Mats: Use mats at each of your entrances to reduce the amount of dirt and debris that it brought onto your surface.

Alkaline and Acid: Use only neutral Ph cleaners on your natural stone! Alkaline and acid cleaners can cause spotting or etching on your nice, shiny natural stone polished floor or countertop. Promptly clean up all food and drink spills.

Annual Maintenance with Surface Renew, Inc.: For great marble polishing Little Rock, get set up on a regular schedule to keep your floors looking great and protect your investment. Most households and smaller businesses can get great results with an annual plan. If you have heavier foot traffic in your home or business, talk to us about setting up a customized plan for marble polishing Little Rock.