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Tub Reglazing Service

Tub reglazing is a form of repairing your bathtub and refreshing its surface to a like new appearance instead of removal and replacement. It is a great option to explore because our tub reglazing service is both Eco-friendly and cost effective.

In most cases, tub reglazing is far cheaper than replacement, especially if your tub is a clawfoot tub, spa tub or an antique tub. You’d be surprised at the high quality finish we can achieve though our special tub reglazing service. See our portfolio gallery for some shining examples.

Chips, Cracks and Ding Repairs

We can repair chips, cracks, gouges and dings prior to reglazing a new surface onto your bathtub. This is a bonded surface and will not fade or wear off in time. It is permanent!

Tub reglazing is a great alternative to replacing a bathtub due to the simplicity of the process. When we repair and reglaze a bathtub in the morning it’s usually ready for use later that same evening. Not so with a replacement!

Tub replacement is labor intensive and very invasive process involving expensive construction contractors. Not all tubs are easy to replace. Some involve cutting out walls and floors for removal. So you can avoid all that unnecessary hassle, expense and complication by simply renewing your tub’s surface with Surface Renew.

Here’s what one of our customers in Conway, AR. had to say about our tub reglazing service:

“My bathtub looked bad. It was discolored and chipped. I was moving out and the property manager was accusing me of the damage. It was like that when I moved in. Regardless, I wanted my deposit back. Surface Renew came to my rescue! They resurfaced the tub and surrounding tiles. Fixed some cracks and chips too. Did the whole job in four hours and it was ready for the new tenant by the next morning. It looks like new and I got my full deposit back. Thank you Surface Renew!”

You can also change the color if you want to!

You can change the color of your existing bathtub. Go from an older out dated dark color to a fresh, clean new looking porcelain white finish. Or go from white to a new trendy color that matches your current bathroom color scheme. See our many reglaze tub color options here.

Chipped, cracked or broken pieces that are missing can be repaired and reglazed too, taking into account complete color changes in a matter of hours, without disturbing the walls, flooring, plumbing or electrical work within the bathroom.

Surface Renew is the primary specialty tub reglazing contractor of choice among home owners and property managers in Little Rock, Arkansas for bathtub reglazing (AKA resurfacing and refinishing) services. We have reglazed hundreds of bathtubs, sinks, tiles and counter tops all over central and northern AR.

Choosing  our tub reglazing service instead of replacing is green and helps the earth. Keeping landfills from disposed of bathtubs and other related construction waste. It also helps you keep more money in your pocket by not wasting it on a new bath tub. Especially when all you need is to simply repair and reglaze your old tub!

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