Repair Cracks in Bathroom Sink – Little Rock AR

Repair Cracks in Bathroom Sink

A home owner looking to sell her home in Little Rock, AR was concerned about the damage to the sink basin in the master bathroom. It looked very bad. Checking with contractors, the price of new sinks along with the cost of replacement was shocking. She did not want to spend that much money to get ready to sell her home but still wanted the bathroom appearance to really “pop” for potential buyers.

Repair Cracks in Bathroom Sink

She removed the faucets and drain since she was planning to replace them anyway. Surface Renew arrived and made repairs to the extensive cracking in the sink bowl of the vanity top and then refinished the entire vanity to a modern stone look. The entire process took about 2 hours and then needed to dry (cure) for 24 hours before use. And then it looked like brand new!

So the customer was ecstatic with the repairs and the new look of her master bathroom vanity. She saved about 70% over the replacement quote she got from another contractor. And she changed the run down appearance of her bath vanity to a modern, classic look.

With Surface Renew she got the clean “new” appearance she was looking for.

With Surface Renew she got the clean “new” appearance she was looking for. And for only a fraction of the price of replacement! Surface Renew helps people update their kitchen and bathroom tile surfaces without breaking the bank. Worn, damaged and broken sinks, counter tops, wall tiles and bath tubs can be repaired, resurfaced or refinished.

Out of date colors can be changed. You can now repair cracks in bathroom sink and resurface to look like new. Avoid the high cost of a full remodel. Call 501-920-9326 today.

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