Restoring Your Vintage Bathroom Fixtures

Pedestal Tub Refinishing

Did you know that a pedestal tub restoration will return its original charm and beauty and can help you get the most of your vintage bathroom remodel? Whether you have a pedestal sink, an antique lavatory or a clawfoot tub, there are a number of refinishing restoration services you should consider. From pedestal tub reglazing to clawfoot tub repair, giving your vintage bathroom a restorative facelift can enhance your personal enjoyment and add great value to your home.

When tub refinishing cost comes to mind, you should know that we have affordable services that specialize in refinishing tubs and for example, even offer a clawfoot tub restoration as well as other antique vintage fixtures. In general, the tub refinishing cost can vary based on overall condition. If repairs are required prior to refinishing then the cost may be a little higher. We are fully qualified to perform clawfoot tub repairs for you as well as all other bathroom, sink and counter surfaces.

In reality, all antique bathroom fixtures are a true work of art. That being said, they definitely deserve proper services such as clawfoot tub restoration, resurface, refinish or repair. Fortunately, our service will make your tub as bright and glossy as the day it was manufactured and spare yourself the time and money of costly replacement. Instead of shopping for a new tub that may not blend in your bathroom design so well, refinishing a clawfoot tub that is a focal point in your bathroom can be a great idea.

Aside from the cost to refinish a clawfoot tub or any other antique fixture, you should make sure to always choose professionals for jobs like this if you want the quickest and best result and as a great value for your money. Nothing can match the look and feel of restored antique bathroom fixtures.

In the end, you should know that renewing a surface such as a clawfoot or pedestal bathtub, refinishing is not limited in colors. While most of the tubs are white, almond and bone are also popular as colors. Aside from that, the refinishing process can also be tailored to the exterior. In other words, your tub can match your bathroom interior and feature an even better design than the one it already had.

Ask us about refinishing your vintage tub and other antique bathroom fixtures. We can discuss option that are best for you and give you a custom quote. Serving central and northwest Arkansas and south west Kentucky.