Resurface Bathroom Sink and Counter from Old Pink to Modern Stone Color

Project results of resurfacing a bathroom sink and counter to change sink color from old pink to modern stone color. Done in 2 hours and saved the customer over $1,000 in replacement costs!

A customer in Maumelle, AR had an old style “Pepto-Bismol” pink colored sink and counter top. The home owner was happy with her home but could no longer stand the ugly and outdated vanity top in the master bath. She wanted to change sink color from pink to a modern stone color look. So we said, “You got it!”

Change Sink Color - Before Resurfacing

The Surface Renew Team arrived in the morning and refinished the entire sink and vanity to a modern stone look by noon. The whole process took approximately 2 hours and then needed to dry (cure) for 24 hours before use.

Change Sink Color - After Resurfacing

The results shown in the photos speak for themselves. The customer loved the new color of her vanity!

She was happy that she saved almost 90% over the replacement cost she was quoted by another contractor and changed the dated “pepto-bismol pink” to a more eye-appealing light stone finish.

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