Bathtub & Tile Refinishing


9JZViWlMBathtub refinishing Arkansas which is also known as tub reglazing or resurfacing is a restoration method used in bathroom remodeling. Instead of breaking up the tub and throwing it in the landfill, Surface Renew puts a new coating on top of the existing tub or tile. Not only does this save about 70% over replacement, it also is a one-day remodel in most cases.  Typically, the bathtub can be used the next morning after our bathtub refinishing Arkansas iis complete. Our method can be used on any type of tub surface. We can refinish porcelain, fiberglass, acrylics, enamels, and cultured marbles. The approach we use may vary slightly depending on which surface we are doing, But the end result is the same. Tile resurfacing is very similar to the bathtub refinishing Arkansas process. In fact, many times we do the bathtub and wall tile at the same time.  This is a great solution in many old homes that have solid lath and concrete walls that the tile is set into. Demolition in these bathrooms is difficult, dirty, and time consuming. Some customers like to add a little bit of extra color to their wall tile and we are able to do that with our stone finish coatings. This does add an additional day to our project, but the results are amazing.

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9JZViWlMDiamond polishing concrete  is both a mechanical and chemical technique used to strengthen and tighten the pores in an existing concrete slab. The process begins with metals which are used to begin the smoothing of the floor and open up the slab so that color and densifier can be added. Once this is complete diamonds embedded in resin are used to begin the actual polishing process.  Progressively finer and finer grits of diamonds are used to begin the sealing off of the concrete slab. A chemical densifier is also added to the slab to both strengthen and begin to close off any pores thru a chemical reaction within the concrete. Extremely fine resin diamonds are used to bring out the level of shine each customer has chosen for their project. As I mentioned above there are color options available in this procedure as well. One big advantage of diamond concrete polishing is that there is no use of topical sealers. This is what makes our process so much tougher and more durable than a topical sealer.  The color is able to actually penetrate down into the slab and become a part of it rather than sitting on the top where it can be worn away by foot traffic. We can do so much more than just bathtub refinishing Arkansas!!

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9JZViWlMStone has been used as a flooring product for centuries. It is durable and has an amazing appearance. Unfortunately, as beautiful as stone is it also comes with quite a price tag. Our method is designed to restore in maintain the surface of the stone so that contaminants in water don’t make their way down into pores in the stone and eventually begin breaking it down.  Another purpose for our polishing system is to ensure your floor looks great for years. As tough and durable as it is stone can easily be stained in worn away from heavy foot traffic. When this happens, we come in and do a service we refer to as a restoration. This is our most aggressive treatment we do for stone. It involves using diamonds to finely polish the stone and seal the surface off, so the stone is more resistant to spills and stains. When the stone has already been maintained well and there are not scratches in stains to repair, we are able to come in and do a maintenance service. In our maintenance service we deep clean the stone to get any contaminants out of any pores that have opened up in the surface. We then use a chemical to tighten the pores and finally burnish it to bring out a shine and seal off the existing surface.   This is a great add-on service to your bathtub refinishing Arkansas.

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9JZViWlMWe see many bathroom countertops and sinks that are functionally great. Meaning they do what they were intended to do drain water and hold your bathroom and kitchen necessities. The problems we see though are that the surfaces have an outdated color scheme to them, have burn marks from cigarettes or hair curlers, may have chips and scratches in them, or most commonly have a spider web looking cracking down in the sink bowl itself. There’s no need to tear out your bathroom countertop and sink, however.  Like bathtub refinishing Arkansas, Surface Renew can come in and make repairs to your vanity top and sink to make it smooth and then spray a completely new stone finish color on top of it. This is all done with no removal of plumbing required and is completed in one day! For kitchen countertops we see many of the same problems. 

 The kitchen tops themselves are fully functional, but they are a color scheme that is no longer in fashion or they have an outdated style such as the butcher block that was so popular in the 80s and 90s. Many times, laminate countertops have small pieces broken off and have stains and burn marks on them as well. Again, Surface Renew is able to come in and renovate these countertops in one day instead of tearing them out.  Our approach is very similar to bathroom vanities, instead of a tear out we fix the damaged spots and spray on a stone finish coating. The bonus is that no removal of the sink or plumbing is needed, and we usually can complete most refinishing jobs without even moving appliances.

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Other Services


1 Chip Repair Little Rock

We have many other solutions at Surface Renew that I haven’t listed above. Here’s a brief overview of some of our more popular offerings:

Antique Porcelain Sink Restoration

Transforming your kitchen or bathroom with a dash of vintage allure has never been easier. Whether you’re breathing new life into a beloved family heirloom like a farmhouse sink or revitalizing a historic property, our Antique Porcelain Sink Restoration service promises to metamorphose your space into a captivating homage to yesteryears.

Claw Foot Bathtub Refinishing Arkansas

We have restored old sinks and tubs that have been pulled out of barns and pastures to make them look like new. This process is typically a little bit more in depth than the method we use on-site for clawfoot tub refinishing and reglazing but the end result is amazing.

Crack and chip repair

Sometimes a tub does not need a complete refinishing. Just a spot or 2 has been chipped or a crack has been put in the fiberglass that is causing the tub to leak. Our fiberglass tub repair service in Arkansas is able to come in and repair those types of damages and color match our coating to the existing surface. In fact, we are the Kohler factory repair reps for the state of Arkansas.

Drain covers

Drains have one purpose and that is to get water out of your bathtub. Oftentimes we see a drain that is fully capable of doing that but looks awful! Our drain covers are a fast and inexpensive way to fix the problem of discoloration or damage to your drain without the expense of a plumbing service call.  When get a bathtub refinishing Arkansas, this is a great final detail to add.

Sink Refinishing

Sink refinishing is a process that restores your sink to its original beauty and functionality. It works on any type of sink, whether it’s porcelain, cast iron, ceramic, or fiberglass. It also saves you time and money, as you don’t have to replace your sink or deal with plumbing issues. Sink repair, resurfacing, and refinishing can make your sink look like new in just a few hours, and it can last for up to 10 years.

Slip resistant bottoms

Slips and falls can result devastating injury in the bathroom. This is particularly true for the elderly or someone recovering from a previous injury. To make stepping in and out of the tub or shower safer, Surface Renew can add a slip resistant bottom to your bathroom surface to make footing much more secure.

Stained concrete

There’s no requirement for concrete to be dull and gray. We have an incredible variety of stains to add to your flooring. We even can use our methods to add colors to your walkway, garage, patio, or pool surround. And then we polishing your concrete to a deep luster and rich shine. Check out our concrete staining and polishing service page for more details.

Stone Flooring Grout Repair and Cleaning

Floors take a lot of abuse from foot traffic and sometimes even vehicles and equipment moving over them.  When pieces of grout come out this exposes your floor to potential water problems. We can come in and replace that grouting and clean the surrounding grout as well as seal it.

Stone Floor Leveling

Installers of stone are master Craftsman. However even the best of them have trouble getting stones perfectly level. This is referred to as lippage in the industry. Our machinery can come in and gently cut down this lippage to make the floor level without damaging the stone floor or marring its appearance.