Slip Resistant Mats and Coatings for Kitchen & Bathrooms

Why Slip Resistant Mats and Coatings from Surface Renew Save Homeowners and Property Managers from Risk

Bathrooms and kitchens are home to plenty of activity. Some people practically live in the kitchen. They cook, congregate and relax with the rest of their family. People also use the bathroom for much needed primping, washing and relaxation. A lot happens in a kitchen and a bathroom. So, homeowners should take a moment to consider doing something to make these rooms much safer.

Bathrooms and kitchens also have one thing in common: floors. People walk on floors. Flooring is pretty essential to buildings for that reason. Flooring protects a room’s underlying foundation. It also helps protect the people who walk on flooring. So one of the best ways to make flooring safer to travel on involves adding a slip resistant surface.

Why Arkansas and Kentucky Homeowners Need Slip Resistant Flooring for Kitchens and Bathrooms

No fall zone: Slip resistant coating for bathtubs and showers.

Some high traffic areas are prone to being unsafe. For example, bathrooms accumulate a lot of moisture. This moisture usually builds on floors, producing an environment prone to slips and falls. Kitchens are the same way. Untreated kitchen flooring is also rather slippery, whether hardwood or tiled flooring.

Slip resistant flooring prevents accidents. A high traffic area with slip resistant covering protects others against unnecessary accidents. What if you spill water on the floor and step into it without thinking? A slip resistant floor helps you maintain traction and firm footing. It’s treated to prevent you from slipping in the first place.

It’s not too late to make your kitchen and bathroom floors slip resistant. You can cover existing floors in a slip resistant covering. Others opt for slip resistant mats if their kitchen or bathrooms aren’t as large. Slip resistant flooring and mats help prevent accidents from happening in your home.

Why Arkansas Property Managers Benefit from Slip Resistant Flooring

Like homeowners, property managers also benefit if they choose slip resistant flooring. Installing slip resistant flooring in a rental property helps prevent future tenants from slip and fall accidents. Not only that, it provides more protection for property managers; namely, protection against legal issues caused by slippery floor accidents.

We highly recommend that property managers install slip resistant flooring. It’s best done before renting the property to a tenant. Property managers can also use slip resistant mats for kitchens and bathrooms. Slip resistant mats are relatively inexpensive for property managers to invest in. They’re also convenient protection for high traffic areas prone to excessive moisture.

Surface Renew Saves Homeowners and Property Managers from Risk

It’s a fact that slip resistant mats and flooring make kitchens and bathrooms safer. Surface Renew understands the needs of Arkansas residents. People need safer flooring for their high traffic kitchen and bathrooms, especially small children and the elderly.

Do you need a company to install slip resistant flooring in your kitchen and bathroom? Surface Renew may have the right slip resistant flooring products you’re searching for. So call us today for a free quote!

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