Resurfacing Advantages

Resurfacing Advantages: Looks like new again, decent price, fast service, no mess.

Resurfacing Advantages: Tub Change Color Pink to White

Many older homes have tubs and tile that are still in good condition however the colors are less than desirable. Or maybe there are chips and blemishes in the surface. A homeowner who has an out of date color scheme but who wants a bright, white bathroom or kitchen can have their dream come true by hiring Surface Renew to work their magic. Sometimes it’s not the color, but rather the style that is an issue. For example, we can change a cultured marble finish to a stone fleck surface.

Looks New Again without Replacing

Maybe the color or finishes aren’t the problem, but instead the tub, sink and/or tile are showing signs of wear. Hard water can take a toll on homes and cause damage. Surface renew can literally renew these items, making them appear to be brand new. The quality is superior and the work is long lasting and guaranteed. A white bathtub can remain white but chips and other damage we can erase away like magic. All thanks to the Surface Renew process!

Great for Investment Properties

This process can be used to make a home you are selling into a turnkey home. When showing a home on the market, outdated colors are an issue. Prospective buyers see the pepto pink tub and tile and immediately think of the high cost of replacement. By resurfacing tile, sellers can avoid those issues at a price that is affordable.

Selling homes for profit is a big trend. The point of a quick resale is spending less on the remodel; and in so doing, increase the profit. Resurfacing is a great way to achieve this goal. Investors call on Surface Renew to make updates that turn the bathrooms and kitchens into like-new condition. Homes sell faster and the profits are higher. It’s a win/win!

Smart Choice for Rentals

Although Surface Renew is a popular choice among homeowners, they also work closely with commercial accounts such as apartment buildings, hotels and motels. For apartment owners, renewing is a smart option. It creates a new and clean look thus allowing higher rents while and attracting quality renters. The same principle applies to hotels and motels. Clean updated looks bring in the bookings.

Before & After Images

See our “before and after” photos that will show you lots of resurfacing advantages. Here you’ll find inspiration for your next refinishing project. https://surface-renew.com/gallery/

Color Change Options Video

Surface Renew can transform your home and/or rental properties for a reasonable price and without a huge mess. Now is the time to say goodbye to avocado green and pepto pink. It’s as easy as scheduling Surface Renew for an on site consultation.


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