Tub Refinishing Video

Tub Refinishing Video

Old, worn, chipped, cracked and dated color tubs don’t always need to be replaced. Most times they can be “renewed” by the Surface Renew process of tub refinishing. Chips and cracks are repaired, the tub thoroughly cleaned then a new surface (in almost any color you want) is applied. See the before and after pictures. You won’t believe your eyes!

Refinishing an old tub costs a lot less than replacing it with a new one; thousands less! Takes less time too so you and your family won’t have to deal with a week worth of construction crews stomping though your house. Our guy comes in the morning, leaves by noon. Your tub is ready to use that same evening! If the weather is inclement then your tub will cure by the following morning. No hassles, no mess; easy as calling Surface Renew.

The same goes for other expensive fixtures such as sinks and tiled counter tops. Sometimes the cost of replacement is so prohibitive that tile refinishing is the option to obtain a fresh new look.

Surface Renew is a popular choice in Central and North West Arkansas for professional tub refinishing among home owners and rental property managers. Hotels and motels love us too!

Surface Renew can redefine your home and/ or rental properties for a reasonable price without the hassle of constant intrusion from contractors stomping though your home, long delays or creating a mess.

Get a free quote for tub refinishing by calling us at 501-990-9326 in Central AR or 479-226-0703 in Northwest AR.

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