Does your bathroom tile have an outdated color scheme? If so then we can change the wall tile color for you! (Even if chipped, broken or damaged.)

A shower and wall tile color change involves tile resurfacing. We can change your tile color to a variety of colors without replacing them.

Shower and Wall Tile Color Change Before and After

The process of resurfacing tile is completely different from painting and best left to professionals. However the end result is the same: A new surface with an updated look and feel. And you can have this result without the need for a major renovation!

Surface Renew provides a low cost and time effective solution with tile resurfacing and wall tile color change options. In most cases, chips, cracks and other damage can be repaired prior to tile resurfacing so your old tile will look new again! Great service for Arkansas and Kentucky home owners and property managers.

No longer are you faced with the time, expense and hassle of complete removal and renovation of these expensive home items. Tile resurfacing provides a quick, safe, beautiful and affordable choice for many homeowners and property managers.

Current Decor and Remodeling Trends

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of your home while keeping it’s resell value strong is to remain current with modern decor and style trends.

We have plenty of colors to choose from! The tile resurfacing colors you can choose from are plentiful. See our color chart for examples. Right now white is popular. Because the sleek and clean looking appearance appeals to a wide variety of tastes and styles.

Unlike paint our white tile resurfacing covers all preexisting previous colors. The old color underneath will not show or bleed though in the future. Neither will it wash off or wear thin in the future. Your wall tile color change is permanent!

Contact our team today and set up an appointment for one of our specialists to meet with you to go over best color options for your bathrooms.

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