NEWSFLASH: Not all renters take care of their apartments.

Are you a property manager looking to attract renters? It’s hard to do that after serious damage from previous tenants. Your rental probably needs upgrades, repairs, and resurfacing done in the bathroom, shower and kitchen. So call us! Because we can save you $1,000’s over replacement.

Attract Renters, Save Time & Money with Tile Refinishing and Repair

Kitchen Counter Refinishing and Repair

Kitchen Counter Refinishing and Repair

We understand that you want cost conscious and timely options for your rentals. The longer it takes you to take care of these maintenance issues, the more vacancies you have. Therefore we value the importance you have on getting your repairs and upgrades you need in the bathroom and kitchens in a timely, professional manner.

How will you benefit with Kitchen and Bathtub Repair and Resurfacing services for your property?

There are three main areas of interest where you will benefit the most. These benefits include:

  • Save Time
    The Surface Renew team will you save time in how long repairs and resurfacing of kitchen and bathtub surfaces. Your down-time for each apartment can be shortened to a fraction of the time when you refinish rather than replace.
  • Save Money
    Some repairs can be a huge investment. So we provide a combination of options for your property that deliver a fresh and updated look without needing to replace entire fixtures or surfaces in the apartment bathrooms and kitchens. Since the turn around will be much faster, that means a more seamless transition for you.
  • Fill Vacancies Faster
    Refinishing tile, sinks, counter and tubs takes about one day or less. Replacing all those item could takes weeks! So you can put paying tenants in those vacancies faster because our refinishing service is faster than hiring tile layers, construction contractors and a plumbers.
  • BONUS BENEFIT 1: After updating the kitchen and bathrooms you may attract renters who care about quality. So they are more apt to take care of the rental. This helps reduce future renovation costs.
  • BONUS BENEFIT#2: You might make more money by charging higher rent because of the newly renovated property.

Surface Renew helps ensure your property value retains while the downtime between renters and repair costs are reduced.

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