Bathtub Refinishing Fayetteville AR | Advantages of Tub Reglazing

Surface Renew is your choice for bathtub refinishing Fayetteville AR! Ever wonder which contractor to pick for your remodel?  How do you determine who is reputable?  Is their warranty worth the paper it is written on?  We are the easy and obvious answer when it comes to bathroom and kitchen resurfacing.  We have been in business since 2004 and there is no other refinisher in the state of Arkansas with more 5-star reviews than Surface Renew, Inc.  We have so many because keeping our word is our bond.  Our customers know that their satisfaction is job #1!   Call us today at 479-226-0703 for a no-obligation quote on your next project.

Our reputation for great bathtub refinishing Fayetteville AR starts with our commitment to customer satisfaction.  Our estimating and scheduling are there to answer any questions you have about pricing or our process.  Our friendly technicians are highly trained and committed to getting your 1-day remodel done and ready for you to use as quickly as the following morning.  Need some flexibility on payment?  We offer credit card processing without any additional fees to help you cash flow your project in a way that is manageable for you.  We gladly accept checks and cash as well!  From beginning to end, our process is set up to deliver great “bang for your buck” when it comes to kitchen and bathroom resurfacing.  You can email us at salesinfo@surface-renew.com to set up a phone estimate or if needed, we’ll come out a get you a free estimate.

We can do so much more that just bathtub refinishing Fayetteville AR!  At Surface Renew, Inc. we also have solutions to save you time and money in the kitchen.  Do you have some countertops that scream “I’m a kitchen from the 1980s?”  No problem.  Give us a day and we can transform those countertops into a modern stone look at ½ the cost of laminate replacement.  Got an old, antique kitchen sink that you just cannot replace… call us and we can make it white and shiny once again.

In the bathroom, we can resurface nearly any type surface: porcelain, ceramic tile, fiberglass, plastics, and cultured marbles.  While we are transforming that old, ugly tub into a new-looking shiny white, think about bath vanities, sinks, wall tile, and shower stalls that could use some updating as well.  We can also do crack and chip repair if you have a newer surface that is not in need to a complete re-do.  In fact, we are Kohler and Sterling’s factory service reps for the state of Arkansas.  These leading names in bathroom fixtures choose us to repair minor dings, cracks, and scratches that occur during the install of brand-new tubs and sinks.

We also can transform flooring!  Whether it is a natural stone floor that has not been maintained, or you want to upgrade to a low maintenance polished concrete floor, we’re your best option!  We can even add color, logos, and borders to your polished concrete floors!  It is a one of a kind custom look that is extremely popular now because it is cost effective, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly.  Give us a call at 501-920-9326 if you have questions on the stone or concrete flooring services we offer.

At Surface Renew, Inc. that extra attention to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart.  Since 2004 we have been committed to getting a smile out of every customer!  Just check our Google reviews to see how well we have done that!  We are your 1-day remodel solution to save both time and money by re-using existing bathroom and kitchen fixtures rather than throwing them in a landfill.  We typically can save you 70 to 90% over replacement cost!  Call us today at 479-226-0703 for more info.

Bathtub Refinishing Fayetteville AR | Save Time & Money Resurfacing

This content was written for Surface Renew, Inc.

Are you aware of what a great bargain bathtub refinishing is Fayetteville AR?  Are you delaying updating and upgrading your bathroom because you were hesitant to spend $5000 to $10000 needed to gut your existing bathroom and have new fixtures installed?  How about how scary it is to figure out what contractor to choose?  Lucky for you Surface Renew has a solution to all these concerns!  Our process can be over 70% cheaper than your traditional demo and install new.  70% less!  Call us today at 479-226-0703 for a no obligation quote.  And did we mention we are your 1 remodel solution??  Call us today and we can resurface your tub so you can you use it the following day.

At Surface Renew, Inc. we are committed to customer satisfaction.  It is our #1 priority!  When you call, you will get a friendly voice ready to answer your questions or get you in touch with someone who can.  Most of the time we can get you a bathtub refinishing Fayetteville AR quote right over the phone.  Your highly trained technician will be scheduled and come out to complete your tub resurfacing and explain any parts of the process you are unsure about.  We do not stop there tho…  Our residential warranty is for 3 years so all you need to do is call us and explain what problem your tub is having.  As long as it’s not man-made damage, we’ll be out to fix it at no charge.  We love to point out that we are Arkansas’ Highest and Most Rated Bath Refinisher and Floor Polisher.  Check out our reviews here: https://g.page/SurfaceRenewAR?gm

Since 2004 we have been saving customers over 70% of replacement cost by reglazing their bathtubs, wall tile, sinks, vanity tops, and more.  Our process works on any type of surface: porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic sinks and wall tile, acrylic, and cultured marble.  You can even completely change the look in your bathroom or kitchen by selecting a new color or even going with one of our amazing stone-look coatings.  Most of our projects are completed in 1 day and ready to use by the next day by simply following some easy instructions on your care sheet our technician leaves with you.  Speaking of our technicians, each is highly trained and has experience under their belt before showing up to complete your project.  We have an in-house training program and support facility at our North Little Rock headquarters.  It’s all in our effort to be the best at bathtub refinishing Fayetteville AR!

Over the years, we have refined our process into simply the best refinishing option available.  We use the tried and true method of “etching – epoxy priming – top coating.”  Our way delivers a strong, durable bond to your existing tub that will look great for years to come!  There is no “miracle method” products we use to cut our costs, just top-notch service at a great price!  Many companies skip or replace the 1st 2 key steps which reduces cost but also decreases durability and longevity.  Not us… and we still beat many on price even with our extra effort!  We are committed to bringing value to our customers!  Email us today at salesinfo@surface-renew.com for more information or to set up a no obligation quote.

So far, I’ve talked almost exclusively about bathtub refinishing Fayetteville AR, but we do so much more!  In the bathroom, we can also resurface your ceramic wall tile to update the color and better seal porous grout lines.  Or, if you have a bath vanity tops that would look better in a color NOT from 1990, we can do that!  We can also do chip and crack repair on any bathtub or sink surface.  Shower stalls can instantly be transformed in a day.  If your kitchen needs a little help, consider refinishing your laminate kitchen counter tops.  We’ll repair minor damage and spray a fresh new look over your entire kitchen countertop surface.  For antique kitchen sinks, we offer refinishing to bring back that white, shiny look as well.  For flooring we have diamond polished concrete and staining as well as maintenance and restoration of natural stone floors.  Both these options give you a solid, gorgeous flooring option that is easy to maintain.  For flooring questions, please call one of our concrete and stone pros at 501-664-8880 or email salesinfo@surface-renew.com.

Don’t put off updating your bathroom or kitchen because you don’t think it’s affordable or that some contractor will rip you off and do shoddy work.  You high value, high rated solution is right here in front of you!!  Surface Renew, Inc.  For bathtub refinishing Fayetteville AR or additional resurfacing in your kitchen or bathroom to update and beautify your home, call us today at 479-226-0703.  Visit our website at www.Surface-Renew.com for more information and great before and after pictures of our work.  Call today!!!