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Caulking Service

Our caulking service provides a watertight seal between countertops, tubs, sinks, and shower seams. We have years of experience in removing old, worn caulk and replacing it with a fresh layer. Our specialists are knowledgeable on the types of caulk that are most effective in different areas of your home and can make sure that the job is done correctly.

Caulking Service - Bob Kennedy applying caulk on another Surface Renew project.

Bob Kennedy applying caulk on another Surface Renew project.

Caulk Provides Protection

Old caulk will deteriorate over time, causing you to need to apply new caulk. There are many benefits to re-caulking an area in your home.

For example, tubs with bad caulking let water get behind walls, tiles, and under the floors. Water leakage can damage wood and wallboard, and maybe even discolor a downstairs ceiling. And so caulking helps prevent this sort of damage.

Fresh caulk helps protect against any mold and fungus growth in the future. Mold can be dangerous to your health, so it is important to ensure that all areas in your home are preventing any mold from growing. Old caulk can cause mold and dirt to accumulate and can cause issues that will be costly and harmful.

New Caulk Provides a Fresh Look

Caulking provides you with a clean looking seal. After a tub or tile resurfacing, your fixture surfaces look like new. How would that new surface look next to crusty old caulking? Not so good. So that’s why we like to re-caulk after a resurfacing / tile refinishing project. Keeps it safe, sealed, and looking great!

Make sure your home is secure by having your fixtures re-caulked. Since you deserve the best call Surface Renew today at (479) 226-0703 and speak with one of our helpful experts.

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