Slip Resistant Coating for Bathtub and Shower

Reduce liability of reduce slip and fall issues with a slip resistant coating for your bathtubs and showers. Slip resistant coatings work great in apartments, houses, condo rentals.  Colleges with dorm rooms and community showers benefit as well.

No fall zone: Slip resistant coating for bathtubs and showers.

No fall zone: Slip resistant coating for bathtubs and showers.

Create a Safe Haven from Slip and Fall in Bathroom

A home should be a safe haven for the ones who live in it and for their family and any friends that they may invite over to visit. An unsafe home may be unpleasant to live in or visit. Furthermore if someone is hurt and needs medical attention that may cause legal issues for the owner. So we provide slip resistant coatings for bathrooms to create a safer living environment.

Updating Your Floor Surfaces

Bathroom falls are very common among children and the elderly, but they can happen to anyone of any age. For this reason, a slip resistant coating is one of the greatest improvements that a homeowner or property manager can do. Slip resistant coatings are also a very wise investment to add to any home. A slip resistant coating gives a sense of security to homeowners and property managers alike.

Many homeowners rent out their homes to families and have to be very careful and up to par on their safety standards. Because if a tenant is hurt in a fall then legal action could be taken toward the homeowner. Legal action could potentially destroy a home owners reputation and their business. Help prevent that by adding a slip resistant coating to the bathroom of a home. Bathtubs and showers benefit from a slip resistant coating too. Having such a coating prior to tenancy gives you a great defense in court if a slip and fall issue happens.

Arkansas Property Managers and Homeowners

Many property managers and homeowners in Arkansas trust and use the contractors at Surface Renew for all of their bathroom slip resistant coating projects. The contractors at Surface Renew are reliable, trustworthy, and thorough on jobs. These are the primary reasons that homeowners use our company. Another reason is that we have excellent reviews and testimonials with many before and after photos. See for yourself by browsing our gallery.

As the old saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding”. We are humbled by all the excellent testimonials and high ratings that we receive from our customers. Learn more about our slip resistant coating service here.

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