Polished Concrete floors Little Rock by Surface Renew Inc. offers some great commercial and retail benefits and advantages to your work area that cannot be obtained by any other type of flooring.  One of the biggest Is the cost savings that you enjoy when using the slab on your grade as your finished floor surface, instead of bringing somebody in to install carpet tiles, or VCT in the commercial setting, polished concrete floors are also much more resistant to foot traffic than the carpets or VCT, which must be cleaned and waxed regularly, which drives up your maintenance cost of maintaining your floors to keep them professional and sharp looking polished concrete floors also offer the longest service life of any flooring material available.  

Polish concrete floors take your slab and turn it into a finished floor product by running ever increasingly higher grits of diamonds over the surface and adding chemicals to increase the crystallization in the top of your concrete floor.  There are no waxes or coatings or smelly sealers that have to be put on the floor. And later stripped and reapplied polished concrete floors are finely honed using the high grit diamonds to seal off your floor and make it nonporous reduced por porosity of your floor to prevent spills, dirt and debris from getting down into the surface and making it very difficult to clean out. It also provides great resistance to marks from items like forklift trucks in warehouse environments that run over the floor. And there’s great stain resistance from oil and chemical spills as well.  

Polished Concrete Floors Little Rock | What’s Great About It?

One great advantage that polished concrete floors have over sealers in particular is that they allow your floor to breathe. When a slab is poured, moisture is still up underneath the surface and continues to get up underneath the surface throughout the life of your structure, sealers by their nature do not let the moisture come up through your floor, and this can create hydrostatic pressure that can result in failures to your sealer and cause it to peel and de-laminate. Since polished concrete floors Little Rock does not have any sealer in its process, it allows the natural transmission of moisture and lets the slab breathe as opposed to other flooring materials such as your tiles or your sealers that are put directly onto the concrete. 

Another great advantage is the high light reflectivity that polished concrete floors offer. You want a clean professional look in your workplace or in your store.  So, with polished concrete floors also saves energy by reducing artificial lighting requirements. 

A huge advantage that’s becoming more popular and there’s more awareness is the fact that polished concrete floors are a great green option in new construction or remodeling. There’s no demolition or tearing out of tiles carpet or any other kind of floor finishing material. The actual concrete slab of the building itself is made into a finished floor product and can last the life of a building. This prevents our landfills from being filled up with carpets, tiles, VCT, and other flooring materials that must be replaced about every 10 to 15 years. Nearly all concrete can be polished. Some people feel like because of cracks or imperfection ins in their floor, that their floor is not good for a polished concrete. 

Sometimes we will have to do some patching to kind of minimize the appearance of blemishes or cracks in areas on the floor, but nearly all existing concrete floors can be turned into polished concrete floors. In fact, many people feel like some of the minor cracking adds character to their finished floor. Another way to make your polished concrete floor look a little brighter is to add color to the finished product. We have the ability to add many colors as part of our process to bring more color to not just your floor, but compliment the color scheme in your home or business. If you’d like more information about polished concrete floors Little Rock, please call us at (501) 920-9326.