Residential Services

Residential Services Tub Color Change pink to White

Residential Services Tub Color Change Pink to White

Why replace when you can refinish for a fraction of the cost?

Do you have a colorfully tiled bathroom right out of the 1950s, 60’s or 70’s such as pink, teal, or goldenrod? Most people either live with it, or remove and replace. But a third option, refinishing tile, tubs, and sinks, is rapidly becoming the favorite fix for homeowners on a budget. It’s a fix that requires neither the time nor cost of a full removal demolition type of renovation yet can be nearly as transformative.

Transform Your Bathroom from Dated to Modern in One Day with Tile Refinishing Service

Maybe you’ve heard of it by another name: Reglazing is also called resurfacing, refinishing, or even painting (though the last isn’t entirely accurate), depending on whom you’re talking to. But the process is the same: For Residential Services, we come to your home and, after a deep cleaning of the areas of interest, spray a very thin, opaque, coat of glossy enamel on the tile surfaces. We can do the sink, tub, shower and counter tops too. This process completely transforms the room from old, dull and drab to new, modern, and fabulous in a matter of hours.

Residential Services:

Bathtub, tile, sink and countertop refinishing is a beautiful and economical way to enhance the appearance of any bathroom. It is much more affordable than replacing these fixtures, and even offers significant savings over relining a bathtub.

Standard & Custom Colors

Imagine how beautiful your bathroom can be with virtually unlimited color options!Additionally, with our residential tile refinishing service, you can choose from a wide variety of standard colors. Or ask us to match a custom color just for you. Most homeowners want their tub to be a solid color (standard or custom). However we also offer a variety of granite-like faux finishes for tile, countertops & sinks. Choose custom colors from the color chart below.

Color Change Chart

Stone Finish Color Options

Stone Finish

Tile Refinishing Prices

For a regular size bathroom, we charge about $350 to resurface a basic tub. $750 to do just the tile. And anywhere from $950 to $1,200 to do all tiles, sink, counter and a tub depending on the size and condition of the fixtures. There are no hidden costs. All price quotes are upfront before we begin any work. Call us for an exact tile refinishing price quote just for your specific needs.

In contrast, a remove and replace type of bathroom remodel is about $15,000. Which really puts the savings in perspective. So tile refinishing is definitely a cost-saving route to take, whether you’re using it as a short term fix or for the long haul.

Refinishing Process

If the old surfaces are still glossy, we will first acid-etch them to remove the shine. And then clean the surface with chemicals to remove all oils and grease, and other surface contaminants. All for making sure the new surface adheres properly. Because if we don’t prep the old surface correctly then the new surface will peel right off. We don’t want that and neither do you! So we make sure that the job is done right the first time.  Finally we’ll spray three or four coats of gloss coverage.

Residential Services Before & After Bathtub Resurfacing

Before & After Bathtub Resurfacing

Since the new surface coating is sprayed on you’ll perfectly smooth finish that looks like new. In the process we are actually spraying over the grout as well as the tile. It’s only a few millimeters thick, so the grooves won’t be filled in. So this means both grout and tile will end up one uniform color. If you want contrasting grout then that will need to be applied over the top. But most people are very happy will how it turns out.

It takes about a day to have a tile refinishing job done. And then you need to let it cure for 24 hours, 12 at minimum. Then after that it’s ready to use.

Bathroom Makeover Before and After Residential Services

Bathroom Makeover Before and After

The difference a day can make!

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